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Always a Chance

Your attacks are now less affected by luck. You don’t automatically miss when you roll a 1 on an attack roll.

Archmage Armor

You are a master of the mage armor spell. Whenever you cast mage armor on yourself, it gives an additional armor bonus equal to your crystal rank. Prerequisite: You must have the mage armor spell before you can select this crystal ability.

Ascendant Element

You mastered a certain element to spectacular level. Choose one energy type (earth, fire, holy, ice, lightning, shadow, water, or wind). The damage of that energy type you deal can no longer be prevented or reduced by resistances or immunities.

Ascendant Summons

The creatures you summon gain a piece of your crystal ability. Creatures summoned by you gain a bonus to its Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom, and Charisma equal to half your crystal rank plus 1. Their attacks now ignore damage reduction except epic.

Battle Meditation

You are able to channel your crystal abilitys into invigorating and coordinating your allies. As a standard action, you can enter into a state of Battle Meditation. While in this state, you are unable to move, lose your Dexterity Bonus to AC, and count as being staggered. All allies in 30-feet radius gain a morale bonus to attack and damage rolls and saving throws against fear effects equal to one plus one per three crystal ranks.

Boundless Healing

Your healing is no longer affected by common limitations. Whenever you cast a cure spell or another healing spell, it becomes reach as though using the Reach Spell feat. Also, the amount of hit points it now restores depends entirely on your caster level and disregards any limits in the original spell. Prerequisite: You must have the cure spell before you can select this crystal ability.

Brutaility Incarnate

The wounds you inflict with your natural attacks are anything but natural. Your natural attacks now ignore all damage reduction except epic.

Cleaving Shot

Each time you deal critical damage with your ranged weapon attack, or reduce the target to zero hit points, you deal your weapon damage to all other enemies in 10ft radius.

Crystal Charge

Your charge carries the weight of your crystal abilities. Your charge attacks deal additional Divine damage equal to 1d6 per crystal rank.

Dimensional Retribution

You leave a mystical link with enemy spellcasters that lets you instantly move to them. Every time you are targeted by an enemy spell, you gain the ability to teleport to the spellcaster as a move action for the next two rounds.

Distracting Shots

Your ranged weapon attacks are dangerous enough for the enemy to forget about melee threats. If you hit an enemy with a ranged weapon attack, they receive a penalty on AC against melee attacks equal to half your crystal rank for 1 round.

Elemental Barrage

You mastered the art of raining elemental spells on your foes, and found a way to empower them by combining different elements. Every time you deal elemental damage to a creature, you apply an elemental mark to it. If during the next three rounds you deal elemental damage to a marked target with a different type of element, the target is dealt additional divine damage. The damage is 1d6 per crystal rank of your character.

Enduring Spells

You have learned of a way to prolong the effects of your beneficial spells. Effects of your spells on your allies that should last longer than an hour but shorter than 24 hours now last 24 hours.

Enforced Vigor

Some people motivate their companions by their mere presence, while you learnt that pain is a much more potent motivator. Every time you damage an ally, they gain a +2 crystal bonus on attack and damage rolls, and a +1 crystal bonus on all saving throws. The bonuses last for a number rounds equal to half your crystal rank.

Ever Ready

You are always ready to unleash some extra attacks. Whenever you make an attack of opportunity, you gain a bonus on the attack roll and damage roll equal to your crystal rank. The number of attacks of opportunity you can make each round is increased by two.

Expose Vulnerability

Your ranged weapon attacks expose the enemy’s vulnerable points. Every third hit with a ranged weapon against the same enemy deals additional 1d6 per two crystal ranks divine damage.

Favorite Metamagic

You can now use your crystal abilities to fuel your metamagic abilities. Select one kind of metamagic. The MP cost for its use decreases by one (to a minimum of 0). Prerequisite: You must have a metamagic feat before you can select this crystal ability.

Greater Enduring Spells

You have mastered a way to prolong your beneficial spells. Effects of your spells on your allies that should last longer than 5 minutes but shorter than 24 hours now last 24 hours. Prerequisite: You must have Enduring Spells crystal ability before you can select this crystal ability.

Inspirational Leader

You are a beacon of hope for your comrades, and they perform better near you. Your allies with 50 feet of you gain a bonus equal to half your crystal rank plus 1 to their Initiative, their saving throws against mind-affecting effects, and their concentration checks.

Last Stand

Your mission is too important to fall in battle: and your crystal abilitys let you endure unbelievable things. Once per day as an immediate action, when your HP drops under 10%, you become unkillable. For two rounds, you become immune to damage that would make you unconscious.

Leading Strike

Your strikes make cracks in the enemy existence, leaving weak points for your allies to strike. Every time you hit a target in melee combat, you leave a mark on it. Any ally attacking the marked target deals additional Divine damage equal to 1d6 per crystal rank to the target, consuming the mark.

Limitless Rage

Your rage knows neither limits nor bounds. You no longer have a limited amount of Rage rounds per day. Instead, whenever you enter rage, you get a temporary hit point for every 2 rounds of rage you would be limited to without this ability. Prerequisite: You must have the rage class feature before you can select this crystal ability.

Master Shapeshifter

You learned to use any shapes to the utmost. Whenever you are become the target of a polymorph effect, all the physical ability scores adjustments are modified by +4. Additionally, if you have the Wild Shape ability, you can use it any number of times per day.

Powerful Companion

Your companion is just as powerful as you. Your companion gains a bonus to its Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution (or Charisma if they don’t have) equal to half your crystal rank plus 1. Its attacks now ignore damage reduction except epic.

Ranging Shot

Every time you miss an enemy with a ranged weapon attack, your aim improves, giving you a stacking +1 bonus on attacks against the same enemy up to the maximum of your crystal rank. Every successful hit lessens this bonus by 1.

Rupture Restraints

You can create a surge of crystal abilitys that frees you from all magical restraints. Three times per day you can use this ability as a free action to automatically dispel any effects that make you Frightened, Dazed, Sickened, Shaken, Staggered, Nauseated, Stunned, Paralyzed or Confused.

The Bigger They Are

The bigger they are, the easier they are to hit for your ranged weapon attacks. You gain a bonus on your attack rolls with ranged weapons, equal to the penalty to AC the target receives from their size (if any).

Thundering Blows

The sound of your blows is powerful enough to damage even without piercing through enemy defenses. Once per round, when your melee attack misses the target, you deal (2d6 plus 1d6 per crystal rank) non-elemental damage to all enemies in 10-feet radius.

Unrelenting Assault

As long as you keep fighting, the power of your melee attacks keep growing. Every turn, as long as you make one melee attack, you gain a stacking +2 bonus to damage rolls with melee weapons, up to a maximum of +10, that lasts until the end of combat.


Your inner fortitude is so strong that it lets you overcome most debilitating conditions. At any time you would become paralyzed, you become staggered instead. If you would become nauseated, you become sickened, and you become shaken instead of frightened.