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Archetypes (Samurai)

Table: Samurai Archetypes

BladecallerIt is believed the spirit of the blade can be utilized to against one’s foes. Bladecallers put this technique to practice, brandishing their katanas to unleash the spirits within from past battles to unleash devastating attacks upon his foes and aid his allies.
Blind SwordsmanSome warriors fight with their eyes. There are a select few that fight with only their other senses. Be it due to tragedy, a rite of passage, or a path of penance: These warriors view the world with senses other than the eye.
Iaijutsu MasterThe intricate style of swordplay called iaijutsu is dedicated to the martial art of drawing a weapon and attacking in the same fluid motion. This iaijutsu master is based on speed and agility to take down his foes, using momentum instead of pure strength.
KensaiA kensai spends his life focusing his training and meditation into a rapturous perfection of the use of a single weapon, which is usually but not always a sword, channeling his arcane might through it in a dizzying and deadly dance beyond the abilities of even the greatest of mundane warriors.
OnimushaWhen one shows themselves a potential ally against the clan’s enemies, the Oni bestow their power on a mortal being to aid them in fighting the demon hordes. Granting them the Oni gauntlet, a power relic that lets one to master and use magical weapons to dispose of the clan’s enemies.
ParivirThere are some ronin who rather than find themselves in search of a new lord, opt instead to serve nature itself. Combining both swordsmanship and nature’s fury, the parivir beats down foes with blindingly fast swordstrikes of deadly precision.
ShugokiIt is the traditional image of a samurai for them to be swift, precise, and deadly. For them to be able to strike as quickly as they can draw their sword, and target a weakness wherever it may present itself. However, this is not the case of all samurai. A shugoki trades their speed and precision for the brutality and strength of a demon, though they are none less deadly for it.
Warrior MonkWarriors of the Faith, who act as guardians, and fight those who defy the faith. Some venture out as ronin taking their own path. These warriors wield large sharp katanas that devastates foes and hinders them unable to fight.
Yumi SniperThe art of the bow is as widely practiced as that of the blade among samurai, leading many to focus upon it. Yumi snipers practice their craft with these weapons, attacking from afar and harrowing opponents as they see fit.