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Lawful Good god of justice, protection, nobility and honor.

The most well-known dragon in all of existence, as well as the most prominent of deities, Bahamut is known by all either in fear or admiration. Many dragons worship Bahamut as the first dragon, or as their creator, while most Astrals, Eidolons and Avatars refer to him as their Father and/or King. Royalty who are within the religion of Bahamut are normally crowned in his name, with Kings and Queens holding his name within theirs. Bahamut’s power is so great that his visage is even within planes that are not under his domain, alongside alternate universes, taking on variations of his name and design.

In the form of a massive Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the fiercest and strongest Dragon. Besides his normal Dragon form, he has been known to take on the forms of Red, Black and Blue Dragons as well as smaller variations. Less commonly seen is his humanoid form, in that of a massive metallic being of intimidating physical might, formed in Knights Armour and Sword.

Bahamut has several religions under his name, with differing Clerical duties. The main form of worshipers are Lawful Good Knights who spread the good word of Bahamut and protect the weaker beings on any planet within Bahamut’s domain.

Titles: The Dragon King, Leader of the Astrals, The Hallowed Father, The First Sire, The Draconian
Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Greater
Alignment: Lawful Good
Allied Deities: Althena, Asura.
Portfolio: Creation, Destruction, Dragons, Kings, Planets, Power, Space.
Domains: Destruction, Good, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Scalykind.
Favored Weapon: Knight Sword