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Chocobo and Fat Chocobo

Neutral Good astral of chocobos.

Holding an office together, the Choco and Fat Chocobo are the astrals of all chocobo kind. Due to the weight of the Fat Chocobo he is often stuck within the material world, either within a deep forest or a sanctuary to Chocobos in the sky. These two Astrals instill knowledge of Chocobos, proper treatment and care into sentient beings. While Choco cannot speak, the Fat Chocobo can speak a few languages, even aiding beings when they come to him with questions.

Choco takes on the visage of a normal Chocobo, whereas Fat Chocobo is a Huge and overweight Chocobo that sits at all times. Both are of the Yellow variety.

Chocobo’s generally follow these 2 Astrals, with Chocobo Knights doing the same due to their close work with the animals.

Titles: Guide of Humanity, Carrier of Sentient Beings
Home Plane: Material
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Neutral Good
Allied Deities: N/A
Portfolio: Chocobos, Gysahl Greens, Transportation
Domains: Animal, Community, Good, Travel.
Favored Weapon: Claw Blades