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Roles and Positions


Viladin is the original creator of the system who has been working on it ever since 2006, his word is law and supersedes all. As a rule, you are not to disturb him between the hours of 12am-8am CST.


The Kefkanites are here to enforce the rules while Viladin is busy, they act as Admins both on the site and Discord.

Azurift / h3atmiser:
Azurift is the creator of the new FFd20 site, alongside the forums. He also works on the character sheets both on the links section as well as the Roll20 sheet.

Big Hat:
Big Hat fixes plenty of errors on the site, transfers new monsters to the bestiary that are created by other members and moderates the Discord. He has also created Sage and Witch of the Coven.

Luphey has created several things for the system including Arcane Archer, Bladecaller, Onion Knight, Skirmisher, the Chaos Shrine module, Genome race and the Iconics.

NapazTrix is the head DM of the Discord, as well as a lead tester for current content, he creates one of the bigger settings on the site as well as adventures for people to play with. He also has made several SeeD Operative changes, ability boosting items and some miscellaneous items in the Alchemical Items as well as rebalancing their costs and adding in several status curing items, specific pages for alchemical items, several wondrous items, several feats and traits, several spells, FFd20 site banner, FFd20 holiday logos, along with this page. Aside from content creation he regularly checks entries and monsters for spelling, mathematical and balance errors, as well as making the site easy to read. NapazTrix has also created/handles:
Races: Moomba, Hypello, heritages for Bangaa and Vanu Vanu.
Classes & Archetypes: Aeon Guardian, Darter, Demon Hunter, Hardened Veteran, Item Master, NPC Classes (Commonfolk, Influencer, Lil’ Witch, Malefactor, Messenger, Studious Meister, and Watchman), Persona EvokerScript Master, Overhaul of Soldier.
Pages: Ammunition (Arrows), Creating NPCs, FAQ, Gil & Currencies, Guardian Force Pacts, Handbooks (plus Aimed Archer), Magic learning mechanics and subschools and spell descriptions, Materia FAQ, NPCs, NPC Classes, Pantheon (Except Etro, Hydaelyn, Zodiark, and Ravana), Race Statistics, Revengeance Limits, Summoned Creatures
Weapons: Power Multi-weapons, Animated Dolls and Power Melee Weapons, GungnirIfrit’s Blade, Feral Claw Gauntlets, Blitzballs, Fuma Shuriken, Harp-Bow.


Retired Kefkanites:

Wife / Kayos:
Kayos assists with several creations as well as having created several classes and archetypes. Some of their works include the core archetypes Battlefield Minstrel, Azure Dragoon and Dragon Slayer. The Draconian, Infernain, Glacean and Fulgarian Deific Orders. The base archetypes Cerulean Lancer and Immortal. The hybrid classes Samurai and Gunbreaker (Alongside all archetypes except professional duelist). The hybrid archetypes Rune Fencer, Shinobi, Warrior Monk, Blademaster, Duelist and Swordsman. The prestige classes Crownsguard, General, Knight Gallant and SeeD Operative. Finally, they made the Royal Arms.
Previous work (removed per request): Mirage Keeper, Sub Jobs and Warrior of Light optional systems.

Crew Member:

The Crew Members are 1 step below Kefkanites, they help the system grow and develop. Their jobs include but are not limited to: Race/Class/Monster creation, balancing, error fixing, testing, and advertising.

Fortheseen is the keeper of the Bestiary and he updates it constantly with fixes as well as new additions. He also helped work out most of the blue magic.

DMLeibfrid / Gilgamesh:
Gilgamesh has worked on several monsters, magic, some of the races for the beastman tribes.

Manly Man:
Manly Man has contributed numerous class archetypes, monsters, and spells, including the Cie’th, and the Archfiend subtype.

Archetypes: Bowgunner, Commandant, High Roller, Natural Striker, Omdura, Spellshaper, Trance Dancer, Votary, Yabbleshammy
Deific order: Protector
Race: Namazu

System Contributors:

The System Contributors are users who have submitted classes, archetypes, prestige classes, monsters, feats, spells, etc to the site but are otherwise not counted as a part of the staff members.

Archetypes: Flamecaller

Moggle Mog:
Archetypes: Academician, Bismarckian Subjugator, Cacophonist, Corsair, Empty Vessel, Geodancer, Shell Knight
Deific Orders: Bodyguard(half credit), Disciple of the Twelve, Dreamer, Pom Disciple, Rancher(colab with Chrono), Tempestian, Walegun
Bestiary: Good King Moggle Mog XII
Spells: 100-kuponze swipe, March of the Moogles, Mog Eye Shot, Pom Cure, Pom Flare, Spinning Mogshield

Ancestries: Cleyran
Archetypes: Thaumaturge
Racial Heritages: Lufenian, Ananta, Medusa, and Undine, Helion Hrothgar and Lost Hrothgar, Duskright, Ishgardian, San d’Orian, and Wildwood, Alraune, Killer Tomato, Korrigan, Pumpkin Head, and Wild Onion, Chalice Keepers, Eorzean, Mogs, and Split-World, Lohengarde, Othardian, and Sea Wolf, Android, Allagan Automata, and Machine Lifeform, Dunesfolk, Gnome, Nymian, and Plainsfolk, Fanow, Feol, Mist-Frenzied, and Rava
Other: Arcane Hypothesis

Classes and Archetypes: Blind Swordsman, Shadow Smith, Dark Knight Abyssal Arts: Hellish Grit, Toxifier, Meyvn, Planeskeeper.
Feats: Opportune Technique(Combat), Quick Strike Technique, Mixed Martial Arts(Combat),Wily Strike Technique(Class), Operator(Style), Shinsect Riot(Style) and Turkish Tactician Style feats
Deities: Zodiark and Hydaelyn
Other: Knight Archetype: Foebreaker. Created the Foesmasher tree. Has attributed to discussions and initial balancing issues to multiple Archetypes that were apart of Community Content that were put on the site. Such as Deific orders like Pack Member and Body Guard

Archetypes: Triad Master

Archetypes: Recreos

Archetypes: Paradigm Shifter (suggested some changes when it became an archetype), Scoundrel, Herald of Woe, MemoristMagicianMistwalkerFace StealerStargazerProfessional DuelistAbhorsenMist InvokerRuby ArcherOutfitterEmissary