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Vivi – Iconic Black Mage

Vivi appears at first to be gullible, clumsy, and shy, often stumbling over his speech lacking self-confidence. He is fearful of his powers, origins, and his own lifespan. Over time, he gains bravery and confidence, as well as a sense of right and wrong.

Vivi is a prototype “black mage” (a genome created using mist and Gaian materials) who fell out of the cargo ship into a forest near the town of Treno Two months later he was found by a Qu named Quan who raised Vivi out of the hope he would grow big enough for him to eat, but after six months Vivi was still as short as before.

Vivi was oblivious to Quan’s intentions and lived happily with his “grandpa” in Quan’s Dwelling. During this time Quan named Vivi and taught him many things about the world, sparking a curiosity in him to see it for himself. When Quan died, Vivi was left alone. A week later he headed to the nearby town of Treno and got a ticket for a play, and the next day he hitched a ride on a nobleman’s airship to Alexandria.