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Religion Traits

Trait NameBenefits
Fenrir's DriftYou may always take 10 on Drive checks using any type of Motorcycle, you mayalso use your Wis instead of Dex for the Drive Skill using any vehicle.
Gale of ValeforYour fly maneuverability is increased by 1 stage, to a maximum of average, as well as counting your Constitution modifier as 2 higher for length of flight.
Lifestream PhilosopherYou gain a +2 trait bonus to Knowledge (Local) skill checks on philosophy and lifestream, and this skill is always a class skill for you.
Order of AlexanderWhen striking to inflict non-lethal damage with bludgeoning weapons, you do not take the normal -4 penalty on your attack rolls. This does not extend to any damage from special abilities of the weapon or wielder like sneak attack.