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Archetypes (Dark Knight)

Table: Dark Knight Archetypes

Ark KnightIt’s often thought that all of those touched in divine power are ignorant of the world they inhabit; heads too far in the clouds (or in dark places) to pay heed of mortal affairs. Alas, this is often more the case than many may realize, yet not all such beings are quite as distant to the world. There are those that lead lives of epic struggle of Good and Evil with earthlier grace and wisdom, and are perhaps more dangerous because of it. These more level-headed knights are known as Ark Knights, and while they are less mystical than their fellows, they make up for the loss of divine power with greater worldly know-how.
Black KnightBlack knights make pacts with fiends, take the lives of the innocent, and put nothing ahead of their personal power and wealth. Champions of evil, they often lead armies of evil creatures and work with other villains to bring ruin to the holy and tyranny to the weak.
Dark GuardianA dark guardian focuses her efforts to defending herself and others with her dark sword and her dark powers.
Dark SwordsmanA ruthless warrior who rules an entire knightly order. It is said that none can match his swordplay. These knights exchange spells for advanced dark sword techniques.
Death KnightThe dark knight uses necromantic magic instead of black magic, preferring the company of the undead over the living. Being one with the undead has its advantages, the dark knight is able to inflict a plague upon others as well as command the undead to obey him.
Fell KnightSome dark knights feel the call of black magic more closely than others, focusing on reaching greater heights.
Hell KnightSomewhere in your family’s history, a relative made a deal with Hades, and that pact has influenced your family line ever since. In you, it manifests in direct and obvious ways, granting you powers and abilities. While your fate is still your own, you can’t help but wonder if your ultimate reward is bound to the Pit.
ReaverLife is power. Dark knights can also command the energy that flows through blood and bone, but it is not an easy path. The reaver specialization trades pain for strength in a constant balance of selfish sacrifice. At first it seems that reavers are doing the work of their enemies, damaging themselves in gruesome fashion. But reavers can transform their own living essence into raw damage, and then replenish that health by stealing the life from their foes. It’s a dangerous gamble that counts on added strength to destroy enemies before incoming attacks or the reavers’ own abilities kill them. At its best, the reaver specialization results in a brutal harmony. The closer they are to their own deaths, the more efficient they are at inflicting the same on others.
Shadow KnightShadow knights are enforcers of the underworld in the kingdoms. Taking to the alleys to stalk, assassinate and torture prey from the darkness. They rely on their own strength and their shadows to surround and overwhelm their foes. Dark lords enlist shadow knights to be their hand in taking care of their business with discretion. Their power is fueled by those they have slain, the souls of those they have killed returning as shadows of the shadow knight to fight alongside them, giving them a simply unending amount of shadows to conjure.
ShadowragerWhile nearly all dark knights weaponize their malice, none can do so quite like the shadowrager. Just beneath their skin lies a burning hatred that comes out in a glorious display of wrath, with which they lay their enemies flat.
Shadow SmithThe Shadow Smith is a walking armory of shadowy weapons. They can create shadow weapons from the darkness within their essence. Often seen as the vanguard of demonic hordes, guardsmen of the border of the Plane of Shadow, or as wandering purveyors of shadow against those who would recklessly spread light. Whomever they come across, they are always prepared with blood, grit, and a keen edge.