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Table: Psychic Archetypes

KineticistAllies are one of the most valuable assets to have on any battlefield. While most would-be adventurers and gallant heroes must seek out comrades, the few choose instead to make one. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes with intent, a person may find within themselves the spark of creation, animating their constructed companions almost instinctively. These creators, known as animists, form a close bond with their companion, their magical essence fueling and empowering the construct. This bond is not one of master and servant, however; animists and companions fight as equals, supporting each other and their allies against all odds.
MyrmidonWhere the psychic spends her days studying unlocking the mysteries of the mind, others choose to use their internal power to augment their physical form. These myrmidons use their psionic potential as a way to improve their natural abilities, becoming fierce and deadly in their chosen path.
TelepathThe telepath is the master of abilities that allow mental contact and control of other sentient creatures. A telepath can deceive or destroy the minds of his enemies with ease.

Non-FF Archetypes

The following archetypes are based off of pop-culture references outside of Final Fantasy and may not fit within the theming of your campaign. Consult your DM before using them.

Table: Non-FF Psychic Archetypes

MIST AgentAs a member of the Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team, the MIST agent’s mitochondria have been awakened and respond to his will, granting him superhuman abilities to use against Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures, people and animals whose mitochondria have awakened and taken control of their bodies.Parasite Eve