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Menphina the Lover

Chaotic Good goddess of love and the twin moons.Menphina the Lover

As keeper of the twin moons and the goddess of love, Menphina doesn’t work with many other deities in that regard. She commands the general element of Ice, aiding with Shiva’s duties and is set as the 2nd month on the calendar. She is the sister of Azeyma and lover of Oschon.

Menphina takes on the image of a maid carrying a round skillet with her symbol being that of a full moon.

Housewives and romantics often follow Menphina, along with those with relation to cold areas and ice magic. Varg and were-kin also sometimes follow Menphina due to her relation to the moon.

Titles: The Lover, Keeper of the Twin Moons
Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allied Deities: Azeyma the Warden, Oschon the Wanderer, Shiva.
Portfolio: 2nd Month, Ice, Love, Romance, Moons, Night.
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Ice.
Favored Weapon: Combat Wok