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Thaliak the Scholar

Lawful Neutral god of wisdom and knowledge.

As ruler of rivers and wisdom, god of knowledge, Thaliak normally deals with Leviathan. He commands the general element of Water and is set as the 3rd month on the calendar. He is the father of Llymlaen and teacher of Byregot.

Thaliak takes on the image of a reserved scholar holding an ashen staff, with his symbol being that of a scroll.

Followers of Thaliak are often scholars, teachers of magic and those close to rivers and water magic.

Titles: The Scholar, Ruler of rivers and wisdom
Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Allied Deities: Byregot the Builder, Leviathan, Llymlaen the Navigator.
Portfolio: 3rd Month, Libraries, Magic, Research, Rivers, Scholars, Teachers, Water, Wisdom.
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Water.
Favored Weapon: Power Staff