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Archetypes (Thief)

Table: Thief Archetypes

AssassinA thief undertaking his task with cold, professional detachment, the assassin is equally adept at espionage, bounty hunting, and terrorism. At his core, an assassin is an artisan, and his medium is death. Trained in a variety of killing techniques, assassins are among the most feared killers.
Cat BurglarGifted with finesse and stealth, mithra make excellent burglars. Cat burglars are masters of breaking and entering, using their feline grace to make it seem as though no crime was ever committed in the first place. Few locks can withstand skilled cat burglars, and such nimble thieves are capable of bypassing traps without activating them and enabling associates to do the same. Available only to mithra thieves.
CombatantSome thieves prefer to get up close and personal with their opponents instead of being all sneaky and stabby. Utilizing different weapon techniques and flashy moves, they can style on enemies with high damage and debilitating techniques.
Deadly CourtesanSkilled at manipulation and diversion, the deadly courtesan builds up those around her and periodically takes them down. She can be a spy, entertainer, assassin, bodyguard, or just an intimate to someone who needs it most. Available only to viera thieves.
Eldritch RaiderAn eldritch raider is a thief who seeks to unravel the mysteries of the destruction of the other races’ homelands. They explore old ruins that date back to the days of the old hume empire and track down relics and lore from its glory days. Available only to nu mou thieves.
FestivalistFestivalists train their miniature minions to perform acts of larceny and often hide their true talents behind theatrical sideshows.
FilcherA filcher steals valuables without their owners even realizing it. Whether cutting purses in the midst of combat or replacing prized items with fakes under the noses of their owners, the filcher is the master of the quick and quiet steal. Available only to tarutaru thieves.
HunterWhether tasked with bringing in wanted criminals or paid to drag debtors back to their loan sharks, hunters are valued for their ability to capture targets alive.
Knife MasterSome tonkins focus upon their tonberry aspects to wield a knife with mastery. The knife master is a trained killer who specializes in close-up combat and the wave and weave of knife fighting. In its hands, daggers and other similar light blades become truly deadly instruments. Available only to tonkin thieves.
MerchantThe merchant is the thread that binds the underworld together. He is the buyer and seller of illegal goods, the middle man for contract thieves, and the heart and soul of the black market. Many of the world’s most powerful thieves guilds started out as just a merchant and his contacts. Some merchants keep their identities a secret, letting underlings handle the day-to-day activities as the merchant himself hides in the shadows. Some are actually merchants, selling stolen merchandise at prices the more honest merchants could never match. Some are even nobles, using underworld connections to sabotage their rivals and keep their coffers full. Whoever they may be, the truth is always the same: If a merchant can’t find it for you, it cannot be found.
RaptorSkilled at tracking down targets, raptors are consummate hunters, living for the chase and the deadly stroke that brings it to a close. Raptors spend most of their time honing their weapon skills, studying the habits and anatomy of foes, and practicing combat maneuvers.
RogueRogues are experts in misdirection, stealth, and killing. Their dirty tricks leave enemies sick and limping. They are never where anyone expects them to be and they specialize in quick, deadly kills that let them slide back into the shadows undetected, or indirect kills that eliminate targets while the rogue is safely away.
SaboteurSome thieves are not content with just disabling traps—they love to build them, finding a captivating beauty in the turning of gears and the slither of ropes over pulleys. The saboteur may have started out putting together traps in order to better understand how to disable them, but for most, it’s long since gone beyond that—they now relish the challenge of creating the perfect combat machine.
Skulking SlayerPushed into a life of crime by the society around them, galkas gravitate toward criminal activities that suit them best. Galka thieves leave subtle tactics and finesse to moogles and mithras, and rely on brute strength and thuggery when they go about making mischief. Skulking slayers have turned the use of raw strength and surprise into an art form. Available only to galka thieves.
Sky PirateThugs and cutthroats in every city lay claim to the title “pirate,” but actually making a fortune through piracy is no easy task. A sky pirate, however, has mastered every aspect of larceny in the high skies. His network of contacts tells him when a particularly valuable cargo is shipping out. After a flawless ambush, he swings aboard the target airship on a rope, rapier in hand. Once he and his shipmates have overpowered the prize vessel’s crew, they liberate the cargo and make their escape.
Solid SnakeThe solid snake is a spy, special operations soldier, and mercenary. An expert in close quarter combat and in sneaking around undetected, the solid snake is the best man to get the job done, covertly and expertly.
SpellthiefMost thieves are known for being cutpurses who steal your material wealth, but genomes who pursue a profession of skullduggery can steal something far more valuable than their target’s gil: they steal their magic. Available only to genome thieves.
Street MagicianNot all who study magic do so in academies and universities. Some master the elusive art by sharing secrets on the street, learning as much from grit and determination as others would from scrolls and spellbooks. Street performers, runaways from magic academies, or simply orphans with the knack, these street magicians study their simple tricks relentlessly. ‘Trained’ mages may scoff at these simple magic-users and their street-trained magic, but a street magician knows better. By focusing their practice, these magic-users learn tricks and shortcuts that their more “trained” contemporaries could never master. They may not have the technical knowledge of the full spellcaster, but woe be to those who cross a street magician and her magic.
StreetratA streetrat has lived on the streets all his life, stealing or begging just to survive. A streetrat learns early how to size up a potential target for begging, scamming, or robbing, for he knows getting caught means at best an empty belly, and at worst an untimely death. A streetrat going on adventures may eventually rise above his poverty, but no matter how wealthy a streetrat may become in later-life, the street will always be part of his identity.
TraderThe trader is a person who travels from town to town buying and selling wares. Some are swindlers while others are honest to god merchants looking to make others happy.
TricksterThe trickster combines her sharpened wit with minor arcane powers of charm and persuasion. She uses her talents to spin convincing lies, riddles, and stories. Available only to gria thieves.