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A player may move a number of squares equal to his Movement Allowance. Players may move in any direction or combination of directions, including diagonally, as long as they do not enter a square that holds another player (from either team) . Players do not have to use up all of their Movement Allowance in their turn; they don’t need to move at all if his coach does not want them to.


The only time a player can stand up is at the beginning of an Action at a cost of three squares from his movement. If the player has less than three squares of movement, he must roll 4+ to stand up – if he stands up successfully, he may not move further squares unless he Goes For It. Failure to stand successfully for any reason is not a turnover.


When a player takes any Action apart from a Block, they may try to move one or two extra squares over and above the number that they are normally allowed to move – this is called ‘going for it’ or GFI. NOTE: if a rule refers to a player’s ‘normal movement’ do not include the one to two GFI squares. Roll a D6 for the player after they have moved each extra square. On a roll of 1, the player trips up and is Knocked Down in the square that they moved to. Roll to see if he was injured. On any other roll, the player moves without mishap. If the player is Knocked Down then his team suffers a turnover and their turn ends immediately.


Once per turn a player on the moving team is allowed to make a special Blitz move. A blitz allows the player to move and make a block. The block may be made at any point during the move, but costs one square of movement for the player to make. The player may carry on moving after the effects of the block have been worked out if he has any squares of movement left.