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Some mithra have sharp claws, others a predator sense, but wildcats have both. The wildcat leans into the feral calling, using their claws and flexibility to conquer their foes. They are also gifted with thicker skin and able to withstand harsh blows, sometimes more effectively than others that train their bodies.

The wildcat is an archetype of the black belt class, available only to mithra black belts.

Archetype Main Ability Scores:

The wildcat mainly focuses on Strength for martial/spell combat and for their class features.

Archetype Feature Replacements:

1st Martial Flexibility, Unarmed Strike 2nd Master’s Flurry.

Closing the Gap (Ex)

Starting at 1st level, a wildcat gains the ability to pounce upon a target. After a successful charge action, she may make a full attack, though is limited to using her claws and an additional slam attack for 1d8 with full Strength modifier to damage and attack rolls.

At 6th level, the widlcat may attempt a grapple check as a free action if two or more claw attacks hit. At 10th level, she gains Rake and may use it after Closing the Gap succeeds in grappling a target.

This ability replaces martial flexibility.

Unarmed Strike (Ex)

The wildcat’s claw natural attacks she gains from the Cat’s Claws racial trait are treated as unarmed strikes.

This ability modifies unarmed strike.

Twin Claw Style (Ex)

Starting at 2nd level, as a swift action, a wildcat can go into the Twin Claw Style and cannot use any other Style feats unless specified otherwise. If using this style during any round in which she takes a standard action to attack with natural attacks gained from Cat’s Claws racial trait, she may attack with both claws. These are considered separate attacks for the purposes of feats and damage reduction.

At 8th level, the wildcat is capable of inflicting and stacking the Bleed status with each successful claw attack by 1 damage up to half the wildcat’s level + her Strength modifier. This bleed can be healed with a DC 15 Heal check or by receiving any magical healing. At 15th level, she may also inflict and stack ability damage to the target’s Constitution for every two successful attacks by 1 damage up to half the wildcat’s level + her Strength modifier.

This ability replaces master’s flurry.