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Archetypes (Chemist)

Table: Chemist Archetypes

ApothecaryFor various reasons – prejudice, lack of magical talent, or sheer contrariness – the apothecary eschews traditional magical methods of healing. Whenever a patient makes a miraculous recovery without its aid, the apothecary proves his worth, proves that magic is nothing but a convenient shortcut.
CulinarianDisciples of the delectable dish, culinarians are culinary combatants who specialize in succulent surprises that spice up the battlefield. A chef needs discipline, class, a clean palate, a mastery of culinary magic, and a good knife hand. These are rare ingredients to find in a person; so, perfect preparation of both the chef and his tools are required.
Fire BomberFire bombers are exceptionally good at using bombs to burn creatures and blow things up, but are not quite as good at creating other types of bombs. Available only to goblin chemists.
GrenadierGrenadiers train to exercise their talents in the thick of battle. They learn methods of combining weapon attacks with their alchemical magic in order to become more adept at using alchemical bombs or using alchemical items in conjunction with their martial skills.
HermeticHermetics are unpredictable experts specializing in using alchemical mixtures that wreathe them in frost, flame, or lightning. Fast, chaotic, and possibly mad, they wade into the fight and dare enemies to face the storm.
Plague BringerThe plague bringer sees disease as the ultimate weapon, and has worked tirelessly to master new diseases and disease-delivery systems. A plague bringer feels no more remorse at unleashing his armaments on his enemies than an archer does when firing an arrow in the heat of battle. Disease is a tool, and the plague bringer is its master. Available only to burmecian chemists.
Raging HulkThese chemists have found a way to mutate their forms into a raging hulking beast, eschewing the knowledge of bombs and alchemical items for raw ferocity and anger.