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Chaotic Neutral astral of destruction and elements.

As the destructive force that protects certain domains and areas, Kujata is one of the lesser-known astrals. He has kept watch over entrances to sacred forests, old ruins or even atop the back of Bahamut.

Kujata’s main form is that of a massive bull with multiple horns and eyes. His fur is often black or dark brown, set against the dark purple of his horns, red eyes and mane. He is often seen with a large purple nose ring with charms at the end.

Those favoring destruction or elemental magic worship the great bull Kujata.

Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Allied Deities: Bahamut
Portfolio: Bulls, Destruction, Disaster, Earth, Fire, Gravity, Ice, Lightning.
Domains:  Chaos, Fire, Ice, Lightning.
Favored Weapon: Gore