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Medical Practices

As the medic gains experience, she picks up various useful tricks to help her be more effective at the job of saving her friends. At 2nd level, the medic learns one practice, and she learns a new practice at 4th level and every two medic levels thereafter. Medical practice that apply to her use of her triage ability are marked with an asterisk *. The medic can choose from the following list of practices:

Table: Medical Practices

Medical PracticePrerequisitesBenefits
Anatomical Manipulation (Su or Ex)Medic 10The medic so used to the effects of antitoxins, drugs, and alchemical items that her body can be reinforced by manipulating the chemical reactions within the body. Whenever the medic ingests an antitoxin, drug, or alchemical item that grants a bonus to her physical ability scores, Fortitude, or reflex save, she can convert that bonus into a miss chance against sneak attack and critical hits based on the amount of the bonus. A +2 bonus converts into 25%, a +4 converts into 50%, a +6 converts to 75%, and a +8 or higher gives temporary immunity for the duration of the antitoxin, drug, or alchemical item. The medic does not gain these benefits for the above listed items that have a duration of longer than 8 hours. This is a free action, once the antitoxin, drug, or alchemical item is consumed.
Blood Transfusion* (Ex)Medic 6As part of her triage ability, the medic may also transfer blood from herself or an adjacent willing ally to her triage target for additional healing. The blood donor (be it the medic or an adjacent ally) receives non-lethal damage amount up to their Constitution score, with that same amount being transferred to the triage target as additional healing. The medic may choose to draw more blood than their Constitution score allows, but the donor must then make a Fortitude save (DC: 15 + 1 per damage point over their Constitutition score) or become sickened for one hour. If the target is already sickened, they instead become nauseated for one hour.
Bolstering Treatment* (Ex)The medic can perform an aid another action on the target of her triage ability as part of applying her triage.
Careful Healer (Ex)As part of using triage as a full round action, the medic may heal herself in addition to any allies adjacent to her during her movement.
Careful Triage (Ex)When using the triage ability, the medic does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Combat TrainingMedic 4. She may select this practice one additional time when she is at least 8th level, and a third time once she is at least 16th level.The medic gains a bonus combat feat for which she qualifies. This practice may be taken more than once. Each time, a different feat must be selected.
Developed Immunity (Ex)Medic 8The medic becomes immune to all nonmagical poisons and nonmagical diseases.
Doctor’s Advice (Ex)Medic 4Whenever the medic successfully uses aid another, she adds +2 to the bonus provided by her aid another.
Empowered Triage* (Ex)Medic 4By spending an additional use of Triage, the medic increases healing by Triage. For this, the medic uses 1.5 times the normal amount of triage dice.
First Responder* (Ex)The medic may instead move up to twice her speed when using her triage ability. If the medic is using her triage ability as a full round action, she can instead move up to triple her speed. This does not count towards the limit of expertises she can apply to her triage ability.
Fortifying Touch* (Ex)The target of the medic’s triage ability gains a bonus to its next saving throw this round equal to the medic’s Wisdom modifier.
Greater Medical Training (Ex)Medic 8By studying the healing arts even more, a medic is able to improve her ability to heal others. A medic with this medical practice increases her base triage die to a d8.
Improved Developed Immunity (Su)Medic 12, Developed Immunity medical practiceThe medic becomes immune to all magical poisons and magical diseases.
Improved Inspiring Touch* (Su)Medic 4, Inspiring Touch medical practiceThe medic can add the amount of temporary hit points from her Battlefield Inspiration ability to her inspiring touch ability.
Improved Magical Treatment (Su)Medic 12, Magical Treatment medical practiceThe medic is able to further treat her targets of magical conditions. She is able to cure Doom, Energy Drained, Frog, Imperil, Mini, and Panicked as a Dire Condition.
Inoculate (Ex)Medic 4, Treatment class featureThrough extensive research or exposure, the medic can prepare her allies against ailments. At the beginning of the day, the medic can spend one hour inoculating a number of creatures equal to her Wisdom modifier. The medic chooses two status effects from her 3rd level ability list of Treatment. The creatures she inoculates gain a +8 alchemical bonus to saves against those particular status effects. This bonus lasts for 8 hours and the bonus is reduced by 1 per hour after inoculation. The medic can add two more status effects she can inoculate each time she advances in Treatment.
Inspiring Touch* (Su)Instead of healing the normal amount of hit points, the target of the medic’s triage ability gains temporary hit points equal to the amount that would be healed instead that lasts until the end of the encounter.
Invigorating Touch* (Ex)Instead of healing the normal amount of hit points, the target of the medic’s triage ability gains fast healing equal to the medic’s Wisdom modifier for 1 minute.
Magical Treatment (Su)Medic 4The medic is able to treat her targets of magical conditions. She is able to cure Burning, Deprotect, Deshell, Drenched, Frozen, Squalled, Static, and Weighted as a Minor Condition.
Martial Healer (Ex)When the medic successfully hits with a melee attack, she may spend a triage as a swift action to heal an ally within 30 feet. This use of triage only heals half the normal amount of damage.
Maximized Triage* (Ex)Medic 10By spending an additional use of Triage, the medic increases healing by Triage. For this, each triage die is treated as having rolled their maximum value.
Miracle Surgeon (Ex)Medic 10As part of administering long term care, the medic can reattach severed limbs or organs to a body. The target creature must be living, and the limb cannot have been separated from the patient for more than a number of hours equal to the medic's class level. The overall process takes the full 8 hours of providing long term care.
Neutralize Poison* (Su)Medic 4The medic may neutralize one poison affecting the target of her triage ability, as the spell panacea. The medic uses her medic level in place of the caster level for this effect.
Pharmaceutical Resilience (Ex)Medic 6, Pharmaceutical Training medical practiceThe medic’s body can process drugs a little better than most. The medic gains +2 bonus on saves to resist addiction from drugs and similar substances. The medic also reduces any ability damage dealt by drugs by 1 (minimum of zero) but is still subject to any status effects or conditions wrought by the drug’s influence.
Pharmaceutical Training (Ex)The medic becomes familiar with pharmaceutic drugs and curatives. The medic gains a +2 bonus on Craft (Alchemy) checks to make drugs and can craft them in half the time. At 8th level, this bonus increases to +4 and it reduced the cost to craft drugs by 5%.
Refined Precision (Ex)Medic 4, Martial Healer medical practiceThe medic's focus with delivering precise strikes is almost monastic in nature. The medic gains a +2 insight bonus to critical confirmation rolls against a flat-footed opponent.
Reflexive Triage (Ex)Medic 4If an opponent would provoke an attack of opportunity from the medic, the medic can choose to perform a Triage (without provoking attacks of opportunity) instead but can only take a 5-ft.-step. This movement is subtracted from her movement on her next turn.
Regroup* (Ex)Medic 10When the medic uses her triage ability on herself, she can move up to her speed. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. This does not count towards the maximum number of medic’s expertises that she can use with her triage ability.
Revitalizing Touch* (Ex)The target of the medic’s triage ability heals an amount of ability score damage equal to the medic’s Wisdom modifier instead of healing hit point damage. This healing may be divided up as the medic chooses between multiple ability scores as necessary.
Rough Treatment* (Ex)Medic 6The medic knows how to force additional healing with a bit of less than gentle treatment. When the medic uses Triage to heal an ally, she can make a Heal check with a DC equal to 10 + her target's HD. On a success, the target gains additional healing equal to the medic's Surgical Precision feature. The target takes half of the amount of dice as non-lethal damage. On a failure, they take the entire amount of dice as non-lethal damage and only heal half the amount. The non-lethal damage occurs after the healing. The medic can perform this practice a number of times per day equal to her Wisdom modifier.
Surgical Stride (Ex)Martial Healer medical practiceWhen using Triage as a full-round action, the medic can spend an attack of opportunity to use any remaining movement to charge a nearby enemy creature. The medic must have enough remaining movement after healing her allies to perform this practice. After the charge, the medic is fatigued for 1 round.
Team Effort (Ex)When the medic ends her movement adjacent to an ally that was triaged this turn, she and that ally are considered flanking a creature that is adjacent to both the medic and that ally.
Wrathful Healing* (Ex)When the medic uses her triage ability to heal an ally, the medic gains additional damage on the next melee attack she hits until the end of her next turn equal to her Wisdom modifier.