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Tarutaru gain their magical powers through strange and mysterious ways. While most tarutaru might be content with their strange powers, some adventure far and wide in search of a greater understanding of the genesis and history of their eldritch talents. These spellcasters are known as war warlocks, after their obsession with researching ancient texts and obscure ruins for any clues they can find about their heritage and histories.

The war warlock is an archetype of the black mage class, available only to tarutaru black mages.


The war warlock must have the spell-like ability racial trait.

Detection Magic (Sp)

At 1st level, a war warlock expands his racial spell-like ability and is able to cast detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, and detect law, at will. At 5th level, a war warlock can use detect secret doors and detect undead at will. At 9th level, a war warlock can use greater detect magic at will.

This ability replaces a black magery gained at 1st, 5th, and 9th level.

Discern Magical Expertise (Ex)

At 2nd level, the war warlock can determine what type of spellcasting expertise a creature possesses by studying the creature for 2 rounds with his racial spell-like abilities. This ability tells the war warlock what domains, schools, or supernatural abilities (if any) the creature possesses. A successful Will saving throw negates this effect (DC = 10 + half the black mage’s level + his Intelligence modifier). A creature affected by this ability cannot be affected by it again for 24 hours.

This ability replaces a mage talent gained at 2nd level.

Tinkering (Ex)

A war warlock often looks to ancient devices, old tomes, and strange magical items in order to learn more about his eldritch heritage. As a result of this curiosity and thanks to an innate knack at deciphering the strange and weird, a war warlock gains Disable Device as a class skill. In addition, at 3rd level, a war warlock adds half his black mage level on Perception checks made to locate traps and on all Disable Device skill checks (minimum +1). A war warlock can use Disable Device to disarm magical traps. If the war warlock also possesses levels in thief or another class that provides the trapfinding ability, those levels stack with his black mage levels for determining his overall bonus on these skill checks.

This ability replaces focused caster.

Warlock Lore (Ex)

By 3rd level, a war warlock has already learned much about his eldritch heritage, and is more comfortable casting spells. He gains a +4 bonus on all concentration checks, on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance, and on all Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks.

This ability replaces dark affliction.

Twin Spells (Su)

Starting at 10th level, a war warlock can choose two 1st-level spells. Whenever the war warlock casts either of two spells, both of those spells are cast as if he spent MP on both (choosing targets for both spells). This spell (not the second spell) can be modified by metamagic feats the war warlock possesses as desired, up to his maximum spell level. At 13th level and every three black mage levels thereafter, the war warlock chooses two additional spells of 1 spell level higher (max of 3rd level at 19th).

This ability replaces doublecast.