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Chaotic Neutral astral of song and deception.

Starting off as a normal woman, Siren was once a lover of a sailor turned pirate, traveling with him on his ship across the world. Through their travels, Siren saw the deceptiveness of man, but was blinded to it for too long as a lover of a pirate. When her lover died, the blind was pulled from her eyes and she saw the men for what they really were. Using her music and allure she shipwrecked the men, continuing to do so for any passing pirate. Seeing the work the woman had done without any request for payment, Leviathan saw a use for Siren who kept pirates from polluting his ocean. Leviathan bestowed power onto Siren, who continued to shipwreck would-be defilers, but now under Leviathan’s name.

Siren is a fish-like Hume woman, with scales and fins. She can change between a legged female and that of a mermaid depending on the situation. She has flowing blonde hair, often with blue fins intertwined with her hair. She is often depicted using a harp, with Leviathan in the background. Some people also romanticize Siren and Leviathan, though there is no concrete evidence they share any feelings.

Sailors follow Siren in the hopes that she blesses their craft, Wives follow her to give safe passage to their husbands on the ocean, along with bards who wish to be as captivating as her.

Titles: Waylayer of Sailors, Leviathan’s Songstress.
Home Plane: Water
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Allied Deities: Leviathan, Llymlaen the Navigator.
Portfolio: Drowning, Rain, Sailors, Sea, Sleep.
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Trickery, Water.
Favored Weapon: Shortbow.