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Royal Arms

The Kings of Lucis all had their own weapons of choice that defined them in their time of rule. These legendary weapons lay locked away in ancient royal tombs, stolen by raiders, or are being shown off at museums. Whatever the case may be, these weapons grant great power to those who wield them. When wielding such weapons, they gain access to the Kingsglaive’s Warp Strike and Throw Glaive abilities, using 1/4th of their character level (minimum 1) for their Kingsglaive level, and kingsglaives can count these weapons as their formed glaives when attuned to and may keep any special qualities gained through enhanced glaive on each weapon if the weapon meets the prerequisite in the first place.

These royal arms take a 10 minute mediation to attune to and, once done, it vanishes and becomes part of the character’s aether and can be conjured in his hand as if he had drawn it normally. If the character is of royal blood, however, the weapon will attune itself upon being in the character’s presence (20 feet). Ranged weapons never run out of ammunition and the melee weapons can be summoned with their scabbards, if needed. When the character is attuned to one royal arm, they gain the Limit Break (Armiger). Below is a list of the royal arms and their descriptions.

Each weapon grants a certain type of bonus such as increase to HP, ability scores, or an ability. These bonuses are treated as enhancement bonuses. Furthermore, all royal arms have a +5 enhancement bonus and cannot be enhanced permanently with any special quality. Classes that can grant special qualities to a weapon temporarily like a red mage’s arcane pool can be applied to these weapons as well as the kingsglaive’s enhanced glaive. These bonus’ only apply when the character is wielding said royal arm. They lose its bonuses when it’s in their aether.

Armiger (Su): This Limit Break allows the character to unleash his royal arms from his aether, tossing them at his foes as he attacks. All royal arms obtained float around the character. When the character attacks and deals damage, as a free action, he may send one of his royal arms flying or firing, as a ranged touch attack, against the same foe at his highest base attack bonus as if the character was wielding them. Furthermore, he may switch out his current held weapon with any royal arm as a free action even in between attacks. This does not grant the character all bonuses of the royal arms, only when that royal arm is chosen to attack does it gain the bonuses. All royal arms vanish back to the character’s aether when the Limit Break ends. This Limit Break lasts for a duration of 1 round + 1 round per four levels after 1st. This limit break requires only a swift action.

Table: Royal Arms

Royal ArmsTypeDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeWeightTypeSpecial
Axe of the ConquerorGreataxe1d101d12x312 lb.SStr +4
Blade of the MysticLongsword1d61d819-20/x21 lb.P or SCasting Modifier +2, MP +10
Bow of the CleverCrossbow (Heavy)1d81d1019-20/x2120 ft.8 lb.P+HolyInt +4
Katana of the WarriorKatana1d61d818-20/x26 lb.SCha +2, Str +2
Mace of the FierceMace (Heavy)1d61d8x28 lb.BHP +25
Scepter of the PiousPower Staff1d61d6x24 lb.HolyMP +15
Shield of the JustTower Shieldx245 lb.S
Star of the RogueFuma Shuriken1d62d4x330 ft.12 lb.P or SDex +4
Sword of the FatherKnight Sword1d81d1019-20/x26 lb.SCha +4
Sword of the TallGreatsword1d102d619-20/x210 lb.SStr +4
Sword of the WiseShortsword1d41d619-20/x24 lb.P or SWis +4, HP +15
Swords of the WandererSword (Two-bladed)1d6/1d61d8/1d819-20/x210 lb.SDex +4
Trident of the OracleTrident1d61d8x210 ft.4 lb.PCha +4

Axe of the Conqueror
A king performed great feats of strength, expanded his realm, and made his people prosper. This was his halberd. It wreaks havoc with slow but mighty blows.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and counts as a polearm for determining damage from bonuses such as deadly lancer. Lastly, it deals half its damage to all but the wielder in a 5-ft.-radius of any target struck.

Blade of the Mystic
A king rose to protect the world with the Oracle. This was his sword. When swung, it enhances the wielder’s mystical prowess.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +2 bonus to the wielder’s casting modifier and a +10 bonus to MP.

Bow of the Clever
A king was versed in myriad arts both martial and intellectual. This was his crossbow. The bearer skewers foes while flitting across the battlefield.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Intelligence and the wielder may add his Intelligence modifier to both attacks and damage rolls with this crossbow. This crossbow cannot use any special ammunition, but it never runs out of ammo and doesn’t need to be reloaded as it spawns holy bolts to fire when the trigger is pulled, allowing it to fire multiple times in succession. Damage with the crossbow counts as holy damage.

Katana of the Warrior
A king was changed forever when his beloved queen was taken from him prematurely. This was his katana. It is drawn and strikes in a single heartbeat.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma and Strength.

Mace of the Fierce
A king was gentle before his people but an ogre on the battlefield. This was his mace. It deals crippling blows to mighty foes.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +25 bonus to HP and all attacks deal 2 points of bleed damage.

Scepter of the Pious
A king ruled the realm according to divine law and worked hand in hand with the Oracle. This was his staff. It smites foes with a blade of light.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +15 bonus to MP and Shadow Resistance 15.

Shield of the Just
A queen devoted herself to peace and was loved by all. This was her shield. It deflects blows and bolsters recovery when raised in defense.
Benefits: When in total defense, the shield conjures a barrier around the wielder and any allies adjacent to the wielder, granting a damage reduction of 10/- against all ranged physical attacks and Fast healing 2 up to 50% health.

Star of the Rogue
A queen spurred this public eye and took to the shadows. This was her shuriken. From near and far, it traces deadly arcs to the left and right.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity. When thrown, it teleports back to the wielder and can be thrown in succession, allowing for multiple attacks with a high base attack bonus. It also adds the wielder’s Dexterity bonus to damage instead of Strength. The star can also arc around corners to hit foes ignoring cover bonus.

Sword of the Father
A king was father to the Chosen One, and nurtured the Light that would shine upon all creation. This was his mighty sword. It makes the wielder powerful.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma and uses the wielder’s Charisma modifier to attack rolls when wielding it in one hand, and to damage rolls when wielded two handed instead of Strength. The wielder also gains the Parry fighter talent when wielding this sword. When the wielder parries with this sword, all royal arms appear to help the sword parry blows, granting a +1 bonus to parry attempts per royal arm attained.

Sword of the Tall
A king was built like a mountain, towering over all others. This was his greatsword. The resonating blade rips and tears through foes.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and has an edge that turns and rips like a saw. Attacking with this edge invokes a -2 penalty to the attack but grants a +4 enhancement bonus to Sunder attempts and ignores hardness when sundering. The wielder is treated as having the Greater Sunder feat when attempting sunders.

Swords of the Wanderer
A king was quick like the wind and went where no man had gone before. These were his blades. Apart they rain fury – together they deliver thundering blows.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity and may be split apart into two single blades instead of acting as a two-bladed sword. The blades can be detached and reattached in this manner as a swift action. When wielded separately, the wielder may add his Dexterity modifier to his attack rolls instead of Strength and both weapons are treated as light when wielded this way. When wielded as a two-bladed weapon, the wielder adds his Dexterity to damage rolls instead.

Sword of the Wise
A king built a mighty wall and protected the realm. This was his sword.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Wisdom and a +15 bonus to HP.

Trident of the Oracle
A strong and noble woman was loved by the world. She granted succor to the star and brought man and god together. This was the trident of her line. It makes allies of the wielder’s holograms.
Benefits: It grants its wielder a +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma and successful attacks with this weapon causes mirror images to appear around the wielder. This works like the mirror image spell but only conjures one image per successful attack (maximum of 2) and they only last until the wielder’s next turn.

Royal Arms