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Some al bheds grow to distrust or even loathe magic. To this end they endeavor to use as little as possible while simultaneously researching new and deadly ways to counter magic and all of its practitioners.

The tinker is an archetype of the engineer class, available only to al bhed engineers.

Counter Science (Su)

Beginning at 5th level, the tinker may resist and impart their disbelief of magic through their promotion of scientific knowledge. The engineer’s scientific exposition is a Spellcraft roll using a standard action. Any creature within 30 feet of the tinker that is affected by a spell in the following round may choose to replace their saving throw with the tinker’s Spellcraft roll. If a creature is already under the effect of a spell, they gain another saving throw, but they must replace their saving throw with the tinker’s Spellcraft check. Counter Science doesn’t work on effects that don’t allow saves. Counter Science relies on audible components.

This ability replaces crafting expertise.

Shield of Logic (Su)

At 7th level the tinker can channel energy into a protective field around him that serves as a buffer against magical assault. As a standard action, the tinker may expend two uses of his repair ability to grant himself spell resistance equal to 11 + half of the engineer’s level + his Intelligence modifier for a number of rounds equal to his Intelligence modifier.

This ability replaces quick craft.

Spell Resistant Materials (Ex)

At 11th level the tinker’s research into defeating magic allows him to build features into his devices that inherently resist spells. Gadgets, automatons, and any item the tinker makes receive a resistance bonus on saving throws versus spells and spell-like abilities equal to the engineer’s class level. Items crafted by the tinker may no longer be enchanted or used in the creation of magic items.

This ability replaces unflustered.

Mobile Fortress (Ex)

At 19th level, a tinker builds a personal workshop in the form of a massive mobile building. This mobile fortress functions as a colossal vehicle with a 50 foot land speed. Mechanically powered, the mobile fortress moves under the control of the engineer. The fortress has 280 HP and has hardness equal to the engineer’s level.

The mobile fortress counts as a workshop with all the basic tools required to construct items and is operated by mechanical arms. While the mobile fortress has no weapons, it can be fitted with weaponry.

Constructing a mobile fortress requires 50,000 gil and one month of construction time devoted solely to the mobile fortress (craft checks not required).

This ability replaces primal technomancy.