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Neutral astral of lightning and horse kind.

While not transcending like Fenrir or Golem, Ixion earned his place amongst Astrals when Ramuh required aid in his work. Ramuh found the dominant and eager Unicorn, granting him power over lightning and storms, akin to Ramuh’s own powers. Ixion accepted the power and role with gratitude, going to work almost immediately. When Ramuh requires aid in combat, Ixion will transform himself into a colossal staff that flies towards Ramuh’s hand, increasing his power in battle. Not forgetting his race, Ixion often protects horse and unicorn alike.

Ixion is a large horse with gray skin, a white mane and a curved horn on his head. There are a few depictions where his hooves have claws and his mane is more purple in hue.

If people do not follow Ramuh, they often follow Ixion in his stead. Praises and dances are done in offering to Ixion to ask for storms or clearer weather.

Titles: Stormcaller, Lightning Unicorn, Ramuh’s Staff
Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: True Neutral
Allied Deities: Ramuh
Portfolio: Horses, Lightning, Storms.
Domains: Animal, Community, Lightning, Weather.
Favored Weapon: Lance
Relic: Spirit Lance