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Final Fantasy D20 pulls races from almost all entries in the franchise, splitting them up into Core, Base and Beastman Tribes. The Core races are the most common to find within most campaigns you will play, with base races being slightly less common though still seen often amongst settlements. Beastman Tribes are the outliers, mainly sticking to their own settlements within secluded areas, their abilities are often more exotic or uncommon, sometimes even monstrous.

Each race shows a race point cost table next to their example image, this shows the racial trait options they currently have on their base statistic block. This information is to show transparency on how things are made, though are mostly only going to make sense to GMs or those who have used RP before. The tables can be ignored for the most part as it does not affect your character creation, only the traits below and alternatives are what you should work around. Races in FFD20 will not go beyond the range of 10-19 race points, with the soft target being 15, races were redesigned with their lore as well as their specific focuses in mind.

For the race ages, heights and weights you can go to the Race Statistics page where it details the minimum values, examples for the classes and random charts to roll on for your physical makeup.

If you are looking for the versions of these races with traits before 16th March 2020 then you can view the Legacy Races, these will not be removed from the drive folders and are safe to use if you wish to not use the up-to-date versions. The legacy races feature a wider range of racial traits which some can view as unbalanced or are banned in play.

Core Races

Race NameSTRDEXCONINTWISCHASizeBase SpeedSenses (Alternate)Racial Archetypes
Dwarf+2+2-2Medium20 ft.Darkvision 60ft (Darkvision 90ft)Dwarven Crossbowyer (archer), Foehammer (fighter), Forgemaster (white mage), Stonelord (holy knight), Student of the Stone (monk)
Elvaan+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 60ft)Keeper (astrologian), Spell Dancer (red mage)
Galka+2+2-2Medium20 ft.Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 60ft)Fell Rider (chocobo knight), Ironskin Monk (monk), Skulking Slayer (thief)
Half-BreedMedium or SmallVariableVariable
HumeMedium30 ft.NormalBuccaneer (gunner), Feral Child (geomancer), Generalist (red mage), Wanderer (monk)
Mithra+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision (Scent)Cat Burglar (thief), Nimble Guardian (monk)
Moogle-2+2+2Small20 ft.Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 60ft)Experimental Gunsmith (gunner), Mog Knight (chocobo knight), Prankster (bard), Geodancer (dancer)
Tarutaru-2+2+2Small20 ft.Low-Light VisionDiminutive Adept (monk), Filcher (thief), Order of the Bird (chocobo knight)

Base Races

Race NameSTRDEXCONINTWISCHASizeBase SpeedSenses (Alternate)Racial Archetypes
Aegyl+2-2+2-2Medium30 ft.Low-Light VisionAirborne Ambusher (fighter), Skyseer (geomancer)
Al Bhed+2+2-2Medium30 ft.NormalTinker (engineer)
Au Ra (Raen)+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Darkvision 60ftScaled Fist (monk), Wyrmfang Brawler (black belt)
Au Ra (Xaela)+2+2-2Medium30 ft.Darkvision 60ftScaled Fist (monk), Wyrmfang Brawler (black belt)
Bangaa+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision (Scent)Pugilist (black belt)
Burmecian-2+2+2Medium30 ft.Darkvision 60ft (Scent)Gulch Gunner (gunner), Plague Bringer (chemist)
Garif+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light VisionPeacekeeper (monk), Tranquil Guardian (holy knight)
Garlean+2+2-2Medium30 ft.NormalLegionnaire (gunbreaker)
Genome+2+2-2Medium30 ft.NormalSpellthief (thief)
Gria+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light VisionDragon Herald (bard), Trickster (thief)
Guado-2+2+2Medium30 ft.Normal (Carrion Sense)Exorcist (cleric)
Hypello+2+2Medium20 ft.Darkvision 60ftShoopuf Rider (chocobo knight)
Mandragora+2-2+2Small20 ft.Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 60ft)Tree Guardian (beastmaster), Verdant Rider (chocobo knight), Verdant Striker (geomancer)
Nu Mou-2+2+2Small20 ft.Low-Light VisionEldritch Raider (thief), Elemental Knight (red mage)
Palico-2+4-2Small30 ft.Low-Light Vision, Scent.Meowsterful Rager (beastmaster)
Qu+2+2-2Medium30 ft.ScentPrimal Mage (blue mage), Redeemer (holy knight)
Roegadyn+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light VisionSea Wolf (fighter)
Ronso+2+2-2Medium30 ft.Darkvision 60ftCerulean Lancer (blue mage), Feral Gnasher (beastmaster)
Seeq+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision (Scent)Dirty Fighter (fighter)
Shindroid+2+2-2Medium30 ft.Darkvision 60ft, Low-Light VisionJuggernaut (knight), Ravager (ninja), Warmech (engineer)
Tonkin-2+2+2Small20 ft.Low-Light VisionKnife Master (thief), Lantern-Bearer (astrologian)
Varg+2+2-2Medium30 ft.Darkvision 60ft, Scent (Darkvision 120ft)Mooncaller (astrologian), Pack-Bonded Hunter (beastmaster)
Viera+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light VisionDeadly Courtesan (thief), Treetop Monk (monk), Wild Shadow (beastmaster)

Beastman Tribes

Race NameSTRDEXCONINTWISCHASizeBase SpeedSenses (Alternate)Racial Archetypes
Antica+2+2-2-2Medium30 ft.Darkvision 60ft (Scent)Antrider (chocobo knight)
Gnath-4+2+2Small20 ft.Darkvision 60ft, Carrion Sense (Low-Light Vision)Swarm Fighter (fighter)
Goblin-2+2+2Small20 ft.Darkvision 60ft Fire Bomber (chemist)
Ixal+2+2-2Medium30 ft.Low-Light VisionNimble Striker (fighter)
Kobold+2+2-2Medium20 ft.Low-Light Vision (Scent)Bushwacker (gunner)
Kojin+2+2-2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision, Water Sense (Darkvision 60ft)Living Avalanche (black belt)
Lamia-2+2+2Medium20 ft.Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 60ft)Watersinger (bard), Aqua Adept (cleric)
Orc+4-2-2-2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 60ft)Hateful Rager (beastmaster)
Qiqirn+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Scent
Quadav-2+2+2Medium20 ft.Low-light vision (Darkvision 60ft)Shell Knight (knight)
Sahagin+2+2-2Medium30 ft.Low-light vision (Darkvision 60ft, Deepsight)Wave Warden (geomancer)
Sylph-4+2+2Small20 ft.Low-Light Vision Wind Listener (white mage)
Vanu Vanu+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision
Yagudo+2-2+2Medium30 ft.Low-Light Vision Swordmaster (fencer)