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Archetypes (Chocobo Knight)

Table: Chocobo Knight Archetypes

AntriderThe antica often produce their own answer to mounted combat, riding large ants into war. Available only to antica chocobo knights.
Beast RiderFrom the inhospitable arctic wastes of the far north comes the mighty beast rider—a fearsome warrior who has trained one of the great beasts that wander the chilly wilds to serve as her faithful steed. Toughened by their harsh environment, beast riders tame their surroundings through tenacious determination and sheer force of will, fighting alongside their bestial companions to take down huge game and carve out a hard existence in the icy north.
Fell RiderThe fell rider rides a bestial steed, a mount mastered by him alone. He tramples his enemies down, leaving twisted bodies in his wake, and fear rides with him. Available only to galka chocobo knights.
Ghost RiderGhost riders are conflicted warriors who use the powers of the phantasmal dead even while seeking out and banishing the corruption of undeath from plagued communities. Their strange abilities mark them as outsiders and stoic loners, and they stay in one place only long enough to help the afflicted before riding off to unknown destinations.
Magitek PilotA magitek pilot commands a massive, armored war machine equipped with beam cannons. Magitek pilots are often freelancers, serving as shock troopers or scouts to earn money to pay for repairs for their Magitek.
Mog KnightMog knights are moogles who raise and breed chocobos to be faster, using their momentum to deal devastating damage on the battlefield. Available only to moogle chocobo knights.
Order of the BirdChocobo knights of the Order of the Bird pledge to defend tarutarus, tarutaru settlements, and other innocent folks by patrolling the wilderness and seeking out possible threats to both individuals and whole communities. These chocobo knights hunt down potential danger with a ruthless efficiency and determination that non-tarutarus find surprising and even somewhat alarming. Available only to tarutaru chocobo knights.
Pegasus KnightWith chocobos ruling the ground below, pegasus knights instead seek to rule the skies above. Elegant riders in the air, pegasus knights patrol above others, their mounts serving to help them gain the advantage against groundborne foes.
Shoopuf Rider“So, you want to learn to ride ze shoopuf, yes? Good, good, you come to right place.” The hypello have managed to tame these huge beasts of burden, riding them out to battle. Available only to hypello chocobo knights.
TransporterA transporter drives a vehicle for quick transport. Transporters are often delivery drivers, transporting goods or people to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.
Verdant RiderSome mandragora spirits are vibrant enough to project this animus beyond their own bodies. Called verdant riders, these mandragoras explore the world atop unique companions formed from the mandragora’s vines and animated by their nearly boundless energy. Both mount and rider brim with new growth, sporting bright flowers, whipping tendrils, clouds of pollen, and other manifestations charged with nature’s power. Available only to mandragora chocobo knights.