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Rhalgr the Destroyer

Lawful Evil god of death and destruction.Rhalgr the Destroyer

As breaker of worlds and god of destruction, Rhalgr has a close relation to Kefka in the joy of destruction. He commands the general element of Lightning and is set as the 8th month on the calendar. He is the father of Byregot and Halone and is an attendant to Nymeria. Ramuh is often at odds with Rhalgr over his use of lightning to destroy.

Rhalgr takes on the image of a magi carrying a staff of bronze, with his symbol being that of a streaking meteor.

Black mages and destructive mages often follow Rhalgr, along with other fierce fighters who flourish within destruction. Those close to lightning and similar magics also follow Rhalgr.

Titles: The Destroyer, Breaker of Worlds.
Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Allied Deities: Byregot the Builder, Halone the Fury, KefkaNymeia the Spinner.
Enemy Deities:
Portfolio: 8th Month, Destruction, Lightning, Magic, War.
Domains: Destruction, Lightning, Rune.
Favored Weapon: Power Staff