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Hell’s Guard

Certain traditions and practices have been passed down by the roegadyn tribes, martial prowess which calls upon darker aspects of one’s self. These Lohengarde roegadyn train in the shadow of a volcano which was believed to be the gateway to Hell. Warriors have passed these martial traditions down through the ages, even if the standards of today’s society would shun these dark arts. Nevertheless, many adventurers will not think twice about standing with these dark warriors, their prowess on the battlefield as invaluable as one of the guards of Hell.

The hell’s guard is an archetype of the dark knight class, available only to roegadyn dark knights.

Archetype Main Ability Scores:
The hell’s guard mainly focuses on STR for martial combat and STR and INT for their class features.

Archetype Feature Replacements:
3rd – Shared Offense. 5th – Soul Eater. 9th – Last Resort. 20th – Dark Champion.

Class Skills

The hell’s guard hails from mountainous regions. He gains Climb as a class skill, but loses Stealth as a class skill.

Dark Knowledge

All of the hell’s guard’s spells and class features that key off of Charisma now key off of Intelligence.

The Best Defense (Ex)

At 3rd level, a hell’s guard can spend one use of his harm touch ability as a standard action to grant all adjacent allies (including other hell’s guards) a bonus. Adjacent allies receive a +1 profane bonus to their attack rolls and AC. These bonuses last for a number of rounds equal to the hell’s guard’s Intelligence modifier. At 9th level and 15th level, this bonus increases by +1.

At 6th level, these bonuses are granted to all allies within 10 feet, and allies that are reduced to fewer than 0 hit points within this area become disabled instead of dying as if they had the Diehard feat.

At 12th level, these bonuses are granted to all allies within 15 feet, and allies within this area receive a +2 circumstance bonus to CMD while standing on solid ground.

At 18th level, these bonuses are granted to all allies within 20 feet. These bonuses are cumulative with each other. Allies only benefit from these bonuses while in the listed area.

This ability replaces shared offense.

Eruption Strike (Su)

At 5th level, while under the effects of Darkside, the hell’s guard can use his prowess to stop foes in their tracks. When he activates Darkside, the hell’s guard gains the benefits of the feat Stand Still. He does not need to meet the requirements for this feat. If he has no remaining attacks of opportunity for the round, and an enemy’s movement provokes an attack of opportunity by moving through or from an adjacent square, the hell’s guard can sacrifice 10 hit points as a free action to gain an additional attack of opportunity. The hell’s guard can gain this additional attack of opportunity a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier.

This ability replaces soul eater.

Bloodletter (Su)

At 9th level, the hell’s guard’s healing capabilities improve when he spills the blood of his enemies. When he heals himself through the use of an abyssal art, dark knight spell, or dark knight class feature, he can spend two uses of harm touch as an immediate action to restore 1.5 times as many hit points.

This ability replaces last resort.

Mountain That Walks (Su)

At 20th level, the hell’s guard becomes as sturdy as a mountain. The hell’s guard gains his Constitution modifier for additional HPs again for each dark knight level he possesses.

This ability replaces dark champion.

Hell's Guard