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Item Creation Feats

An item creation feat lets a character create a magic item of a certain type. Regardless of the type of item each involves, the various item creation feats all have certain features in common.

Raw Materials Cost: The cost of creating a magic item equals half the base price of the item.

Using an item creation feat also requires access to a laboratory or magical workshop, special tools, and so on. A character generally has access to what he needs unless unusual circumstances apply.

Time: The time to create a magic item depends on the feat and the cost of the item.

Item Cost: Craft Alchemical Item creates items that directly reproduce spell effects, and the power of these items depends on their caster level-that is, a spell from such an item has the power it would have if cast by a spellcaster of that level. The price of these items (and thus the cost of the raw materials) also depends on the caster level. The caster level must be low enough that the spellcaster creating the item can cast the spell at that level.

Extra Costs: Any potion, scroll, or wand that stores a spell with a costly material component also carries a commensurate cost. For potions and scrolls, the creator must expend the material component cost when creating the item. For a wand, the creator must expend 50 units of the material component. Some magic items similarly incur extra costs in material components, as noted in their descriptions.

Skill Check: Successfully creating a magic item requires a Spellcraft check with a DC equal to 5 + the item’s caster level. Alternatively, you can use an associated Craft or Profession skill to attempt this check instead, depending upon the item being crafted. See Magic Item Creation for more details on which Craft and Profession checks may be substituted in this manner. The DC of this check can increase if the crafter is rushed or does not meet all of the prerequisites. A failed check ruins the materials used, while a check that fails by 5 or more results in a cursed item.

Feat Descriptions

Item Creation Feats are summarized on the table below. Note that the prerequisites and benefits of the feats on this table are abbreviated for ease of reference. See the feats description for full details.

The following format is used for all feat descriptions.

Feat Name: The feat’s name also indicates what subcategory, if any, the feat belongs to, and is followed by a basic description of what the feat does.

Prerequisite: A minimum ability score, another feat or feats, a minimum base attack bonus, a minimum number of ranks in one or more skills, or anything else required in order to take the feat. This entry is absent if a feat has no prerequisite. A feat may have more than one prerequisite.

Benefit: What the feat enables the character (“you” in the feat description) to do. If a character has the same feat more than once, its benefits do not stack unless indicated otherwise in the description.

Normal: What a character who does not have this feat is limited to or restricted from doing. If not having the feat causes no particular drawback, this entry is absent.

Special: Additional unusual facts about the feat.

Table: Item Creation Feats

Feat NamePrerequisitesBenefits
Craft Alchemical Item¹Caster level 3rdYou can create Tier 1 alchemical items. Crafting an alchemical item takes one hour per tier and requires the Craft (Alchemy) skill (DC: 5 + the item's tier level + the item's caster level.) Unlike normal Item Creation feats, crafting alchemical items requires the necessary spells and for the crafter to be of the caster level needed (these requirements cannot be waived for a higher crafting difficulty check.) In addition, the item crafter cannot set the caster level. The base prices of the alchemical items are in the Alchemical Item section. To craft an alchemical item, you must use up raw materials costing one half this base price.
Craft CyberneticsTechnologist feat, Heal 9 ranks, Craft (Electronic) 9 ranksYou can create cybernetic items. Creating a cybernetic item takes 1 day for every 1,000 gil in the item's price. To create the object, you must use up raw materials costing half of this total price. You can repair a broken cybernetic item if it is one that you could make. Doing so costs half the raw materials and half the time it would take to craft that item from scratch. You can also install a cybernetic item in a creature's body. See the Cybertech section on installing cyberware.
Craft MateriaCaster level 5thYou can create a materia of one of the five types: Spell, Support, Independent, Ability, or Summon (See the Materia section for more details on what you can make for materia). Creating a materia takes 1 day for every 1,000 gil in the materia’s price. When you create a Spell, Support, or Summon materia, you set the caster level, which must be sufficient to cast the spell in question and no higher than your own level. To craft materia, you must use up raw materials costing one-half of its base price. All non-common new materia begins its life at level 0 and 0 MXP while common materia begins at level 1.

¹ If your game utilizes the Alchemical Items list, your game should not use the Brew Potion item creation feat or its attached potions list from Pathfinder.