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Neutral astral of electricity and travel.Fenrir

Fenrir was once a normal wolf who howled at the moon, protecting his canine brethren. However, as its power and intelligence grew, so did its ability to transcend into a higher being, working its way from a material being to an Astral. He is often an Ally of Titan, Ramuh and Bomb type creatures, as well as inhabiting a motorcycle in a previous life cycle, Fenrir bridges the gap between Astrals much more frequently than others. Fenrir gives the gift of electrical current and motorcycle technology onto his creations.

Looking like an esteemed wolf, Fenrir can be mistaken for a monster, or rarely a pet, by some material beings. His forms change between a silver wolf and a multitude of colors in other canine visages, sometimes with spikes or horns. His control over electrical current means his horns are often used as an anchor for his electric spells.

Engineers, canine lovers and fans of electricity often follow Fenrir. Motorcycle enthusiasts are also attuned with Fenrir due to most motorcycles resembling his previous form.

Titles: Lightning Steed.
Home Plane: Lightning
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: True Neutral
Allied Deities: Ramuh, Titan
Portfolio: Canines, Electrical Current, Motorcycles, Speed.
Domains: Animal, Artifice, Lightning, Travel.
Favored Weapon: Feral Claw Gauntlets