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Archetypes (Druid)

Table: Druid Archetypes

Animal ShamanThis type of druid focuses on calling the spirit of a specific animal, imbuing themselves with their strengths.
Feral ChildSome youths, abandoned in the wilderness and then raised by animals, are so connected with their adoptive home and family that they become feral. Suspicious of civilized society, these foundlings often choose allegiance to the wild over their human forebears. Available only to hume druids.
MooncallerA mooncaller is bound to the subtle influences of the ever-changing moon and its endless cycles from light to dark and back again. Available only to varg druids.
Orc FuryOrc furies combine a druid’s love of natural balance with a single-minded devotion to the welfare of the orc tribe. Available only to orc druids.
Sahagin AdeptA sahagin adept dedicates herself to preserving the knowledge of the first sahagins and ensuring her people’s ancient connections to the natural world remain undisturbed. They serve as the keepers of the roots of the sahagin people and as their protectors. Available only to sahagin druids.
Sky DruidSome druids develop ties not to a particular landscape, but instead to the endless blue expanse of the skies. Such are the sky druids, who are more at home soaring through air than standing on the ground. Available only to sylph druids.
Swarm MongerSwarm mongers are unparalleled survivors, thriving on the filthy fringes of society. Whereas other druids commune with nature or even the spirit of a city, swarm mongers find beauty and strength in decay, and they draw their power from fungus, disease, and their own singular will to survive.
Terrain DruidSome druids are masters of the terrain they are most comfortable with. Their mastery of their chosen terrain can be frightening to some.
TreesingerElvaans live far longer than other common races, and a single elvaan may see whole empires rise and fall. Given the impermanence of the cultures around them, it’s small wonder that some elvaans turn to the timeless growth of nature for solace, finding allies among the great trees themselves, and even leading the forest’s plants into combat. Available only to elvaan druids.
TreestriderSome druids are masters of the wild. Whether raised by apes or having some other link with simian creatures, these druids glide through the wilderness with ease.
Wild RiderWild riders, like many druids, form close bonds with their animal companions. In the case of wild riders, though, the druid and animal companion ride into battle together, acting as one entity to bring down their foes, their movements in perfect tandem and harmony. Each learns to anticipate the other’s actions, and the two move in concert.
Wilderness MedicWilderness medics know a variety of ways they can heal, supply and preserve a rebellion or similar movement without requiring any resources that might make them easier to track down.