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Archetypes (Time Mage)

Table: Time Mage Archetypes

ChronodancerFor most time mages, staying in the back of the line and casting spells from afar is fine. For the chronodancer, however, getting involved in the fighting, and actually participating is half the fun!
ChronotriggerMost time mages focus on their spellcasting to control the battlefield, chronotriggers believe in their firearms, modified by chronomancy to win their battles.
Dimensional HopperDimensional hoppers discover and travel to all the secret places of both the mortal and immortal spheres, which often puts them at odds with authorities. Many find work as messengers, heralds, envoys, runners, couriers, dispatch riders, and emissaries the world over.
ManipulatorMost time mages focus on manipulating time itself, whereas the manipulator uses it to bend magics currently happening, both allied and enemy spells.
SpeedsterEvery speedster is unique. Some develop specific powers early and build them up over time to be better than others with them. Others take a more general approach, gaining flexibility and versatility in many different situations. One thing remains constant, however. All speedsters yearn to be the fastest there is.