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When fighting hand to hand, many will try to be quick on their feet, avoiding their enemies’ blows at all costs. The nimble bangaa tend to adopt this fighting style, putting their lithe forms and thick hides to good use in dodging their foes’ blows.

The featherweight is an archetype of the monk class, available only to bangaa monks.

Archetype Main Ability Scores:
The featherweight mainly focuses on DEX for martial combat and WIS for her class features.

Archetype Feature Replacements:
1st Blitz Techniques, Combo Finishers. 5th Purity of Body. 8thBoost. 17thTimeless Body. 20thPerfect Self.

Light Weight

A featherweight’s fighting style wants to stay as light as possible, without heavy gear weighing her down. She treats her Strength score as 2 lower for determining carrying capacity.

Deft Hand (Ex)

At 1st level, the featherweight receives the Weapon Finesse feat as a bonus feat. She may only use this feat with her unarmed strikes, or with light weapons with the monk special quality. In addition, at 3rd level, she may use her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier for damage rolls with her unarmed strikes or with light weapons with the monk special quality.

This ability replaces blitz techniques.

Feather Fighter (Ex)

At 1st level, a featherweight adds a +1 bonus to her attack rolls in a flurry of blows and to Acrobatics checks. At 5th level, and every four monk levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1, to a maximum of +5 at 17th level.

At 7th level, the featherweight can use her Acrobatics skill to tumble at her normal speed without penalty.

At 11th level, the featherweight can spend a ki point from her ki pool as a swift action to be able to move at half her speed as part of making a full attack, without her flurry of blows attacks. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal, and she must end her movement within reach of her target once she starts attacking.

At 15th level, she may move at her full speed and make her flurry of blows attacks when she uses this ability.

This ability replaces combo finishers.

Think Fast (Ex)

At 5th level, a featherweight gains Deflect Arrows as a bonus feat. If she already has that feat, she gains Snatch Arrows as a bonus feat instead.

This ability replaces purity of body.

Block (Ex)

At 8th level, the featherweight can negate a melee attack by rolling an opposed attack roll, DC = the opponent’s attack roll. This uses one of the featherweight’s attacks of opportunity (if she has more with Combat Reflexes) for the round in which it is used. She receives a –5 penalty to her attack roll every time she uses this after the first. To use this ability, she must be unarmed or wielding a light weapon with the monk special quality.

This ability replaces boost.

Uncanny Initiative (Ex)

At 17th level, the featherweight does not need to roll for initiative. She always treats her initiative roll as if it resulted in any number of her choosing (from 1 to 20).

This ability replaces timeless body.

Feather Master (Ex)

At 20th level, a featherweight reaches the pinnacle of her fighting style. She gains an additional attack at her highest base attack bonus when using flurry of blows, and her dodge bonus to AC increases by 2.

This ability replaces perfect self.