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Archetypes (Illusionist)

Table: Illusionist Archetypes

Dream SageDream sages are a strange group of illusory soothsayers and spies. To them, the information provided by the unconscious mind is a treasure trove of secrets to be protected or exploited. When facing a dream sage, one must be careful; for they can manifest the chaotic aspects of dreams and make them seep into reality.
Face StealerAmong practitioners and adepts in the ways of illusion, there are those who specialize in the art of disguise to a degree unmatched by many. Developing their talents for impersonation and deception, face stealers are often shadowy agents of espionage and social trickery. Trust is a luxury many can ill afford, and the face stealer has a hidden monopoly on the market.
IncubusIncubi (or succubi, if female) are the demons of lust and desire, the most renowned tempters of the hellish hordes. Beautiful in appearance and with striking personalities, incubi seem to be the answer to mortals’ most hidden dreams and needs. While they feed off the energy of the people who get too close to them – one of the traits that makes them so dangerous – many incubi have adapted to living with mortals and no longer dry their victims to death, while others only crave for their latest kill to exhale one final moan of pleasure with its last breath.
MesmeristExperts at charm and deceit, mesmerists compel others to heed their words and bend to their will. Illusions give mesmerists the tools they need to manipulate others—usually for their own personal gain. The very gaze of a mesmerist can hypnotize someone into following his whims. Mesmerists frequently form cults of personality around themselves, and they develop skills and contingency plans in case their ploys are discovered.
Nightmare ControllerSince the dawn of man and beasts, one thing that is shared amongst all that lives, is fear itself. Fear can cripple hope and destroy dreams. Fear can manifest as nightmares within those who sleep. Fear can drive man to insanity and commit heinous acts. Fear can even kill outright. Nightmare controllers are the embodiment of this primal force, instilling fear into the hearts of men and beasts, and at the height of their powers, even those that should not fear.
Phantom BladeA phantom blade can create illusions so realistic that they border on reality. The fearsome illusion weapons that they create enable them to vanquish a large array of foes. Being master manipulators, phantom blades know the best ways to use illusions to dishearten, distract, and defeat their foes.
PictomancerThere is a school of thought that through appropriate blend of color and shading some illusions can be made so life like and realistic that they blur the lines between phantom and creation. The pictomancer dedicates himself to this art and transforms a world of black and white into one of scintillating and dangerous color.
ShadowcasterShadowcasters are trained in dark mysteries, their training allows them to harness the power of shadows to bolster their spellcasting.