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Chaotic Evil astral of gravity and planar travel.

As almost twin Astral to Hades, Diablos controls travel between the planes, insuring the walls are secure to stop any invasion as well as keep away power from those he doesn’t have a liking towards. Diablos will often open up portals for Demons to invade other planes at his whimsy, or even attack material beings himself. He instills gravitational knowledge and gravity-based magic onto sentient beings, along with planar travel spells. He was once trapped by a material being into a lamp, accusing Diablos of being an escaped Djinn. Diablos spent 100 years within the lamp until he was set free, as such he has a distaste for anyone who trades in containers.

Diablos looks like a black devil, with red underlining, with a forked tail and demonic wings, his thin body tricks onlookers into thinking he is weaker than he really is. Diablos is often depicted with smaller imps around him in a dark abyss.

Dark casters generally follow Diablos in the hopes they might be able to recreate his powerful magic, whereas tricksters hope that they can deal out evil deeds under his name.

Titles: Diabolos, Lord of Planes, The Devil, Plane Gatekeeper
Home Plane: Shadow
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Allied Deities: N/A
Portfolio: Demons, Devils, Gravity, Planes, Shadows, Void.
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Travel.
Favored Weapon: Scythe