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Neutral god of water and serpents.

Seen as the guardian of the sea and destroyer of those who would defile his plane, Leviathan has a shaky stance within his neutral disposition. When planets are being created, Leviathan will fly across the surface, carving out paths for seas, oceans, rivers and lakes to form until he finally fills them with the water necessary to create such bodies. If beings get close to over-fishing, or pollute his waters enough Leviathan will start a fit of rage, making it nigh impossible to travel the open sea. Leviathan will sometimes also work alongside the Astral Siren, with her waylaying, helping to keep his waters clear of belligerent sailors.

A colossal serpent, Leviathan can cover huge distances of water with his incredible swimming speed that is almost as if he is flying through the waters. Leviathan is depicted as a long blue serpent, with no limbs but several fins, wings and tails that aid him in both swimming and flight. Leviathan will also very rarely take on the visage of an elderly man in a blue robe to speak with the most devout worshipers, or chosen warriors of light.

Travelers on the sea follow Leviathan in the hopes the god does not overturn their ships, or work to clean up his creations of pollution.

Titles: The World Serpent, The Sea King, Lord of All Waters, Hydraean, God of the Sea
Home Plane: Water
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: True Neutral
Allied Deities: Bismarck, Llymlaen the Navigator, Siren, Thaliak the Scholar.
Portfolio: Environment, Oceans, Sea-Life, Water.
Domains: Glory, Protection, Water, Weather.
Favored Weapon: Trident