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Base Classes

ClassDescriptionHDSkill PointsBABFort SaveRef SaveWill Save
AstrologianPredictors of future events, Astrologians know the secrets to changing the fates of those around them.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
Blue MageBlue Mages fight fire with fire, learning the attacks of the monsters they fight to throw right back.d86 + Int modifier3/4BadBadGood
ChemistCreators of alchemical items, Chemists are masters at the use of potions and explosives.d84 + Int modifier3/4GoodGoodBad
Chocobo KnightChocobo Knights ride their steed into battle, challenging the enemy into attacking them instead of their allies.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodBadBad
ClericObtaining power from their deity, Clerics are capable of powerful miracles.d84 + Int modifier3/4GoodBadGood
Dark KnightSacrificing their health to gain darkness’s favor, Dark Knights’ aggressive actions on the battlefield protects their allies and inspires them to greater aggression themselves.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodBadGood
EngineerEngineers experiment with gears and wires until something beautiful (and probably deadly) is made.d84 + Int modifier3/4GoodGoodBad
GamblerGamblers are a lucky sort, able to rely on chance and charm in any situation.d86 + Int modifier3/4BadGoodBad
GeomancerThe land has mighty power, and Geomancers are the wielders of it.d84 + Int modifier3/4GoodBadGood
GunnerGunners use grit and gunpowder to punch holes in their enemies.d84 + Int modifier3/4BadGoodBad
Holy KnightHoly Knights guide their party by divine light, healing those who have been harmed and shielding those in harms way.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodBadGood
IllusionistNever trust your eyes around Illusionists, their deceptive skill goes far beyond mere words.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
MedicEven non-magical people can heal their allies, as the Medic can attest.d84 + Int modifier3/4GoodGoodBad
NecromancerNecromancers turn death into an art, and they often need more paint.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
SummonerSummoners are masters of conjuring monsters to assist them in their time of need.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
Time MageMany people believe that time is immutable. Time Mages are extremely capable of disproving that.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood