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Archetypes (Black Mage)

Table: Black Mage Archetypes

Arcane BomberTo many mages, the experimentation of the chemist seems quaint, if not dangerous or frightening. A few mages take up the secrets of the bomb, however, fusing alchemy with their already considerable magical power.
ArcanistAn arcanist is a black mage who has spent a considerable amount of time studying the chaos that is primal magic—she seeks order in chaos, and hopes to master the raw power of primal magic to bolster her own abilities.
ElementalistElementalists study one of the basic elements of magic—earth, fire, ice, lightning, water, and wind—learning to harness its power. Eventually, they transcend their mortal forms and become elemental beings.
MagusMagus are known as the Dreaded Armies the World Over, the Enders of Kingdoms, the Avatars of Ragnarök, the Disciples of Catastrophe. Whatever names they are given to these mages, they are the ultimately bringers of great destruction and mayhem, and many worlds bear the scars of their passing. While any black mage is capable of destructive uses of magic, the magus takes it well past the limit that defines reason. While these dangerous souls are often villains of Lowest Order and savages against all that is civilized, many are simply brutal pragmatics that see the ability to cause large scale destruction as a useful tool for advancement in martial societies.
Script MasterWith the power of a judge and the wisdom of a philosopher, the script master is the pinnacle of written artists, so much so he can affect the real world with what he writes. Formal documents, informal threats and using the most pristine grammar allows these writers to cast magic simply from utilizing language to its fullest potential.
SorcererThe sorcerer’s family has always been skilled in the eldritch art of magic. While many of his relatives were accomplished black mages, his powers developed without the need for study and practice.
ThaumaturgeThaumaturgy is a form of arcane manipulation that allows the practitioner to unleash his will as deadly manifestations of primal power. The origin of their art can be found in the cumbersome magicks of their ancestors – subsequently focused and refined through their use in the funeral rites of the Order of Nald’thal. Though, once used exclusively for the preparation of the dead, these incantations of destruction soon found new purpose on the battlefield. “Death,” of course, is still very much the central focus of the discipline.
TimekeeperTime is not an immutable force but an inscrutable phenomenon. Rare arcane scholars known as timekeepers demonstrate the ability to shift themselves in short bursts between the past, future, and alternate presents.
Wild MagePacts and deals with powerful beings are risky for the unwary, but opening the floodgates of the raw potential of the fundamental forces of the universe to do your bidding is foolhardy for even the most wary. Therefore, the wild mage ignores wariness and caution entirely, empowering his abilities without regard to the costs and side effects.