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Practitioners of this martial art, powered by arcane magic, channel magic through their fists.

The ruby fist is an archetype of the red mage class.

Weapon Proficiency

A ruby fist is not proficient with martial weapons.

This ability alters the red mage’s weapon proficiency.

Arcane Pool (Su)

A ruby fist can use his arcane pool to enhance his unarmed strikes as if they were manufactured weapons. At 5th level, he can use these bonuses to add any of the following weapon special abilities to his weapons or unarmed strikes: advancing, cruel, defending, guardian, impact, invigorating, mimetic, negating, speed, and vicious.

This ability alters arcane pool.

Unarmed Spellstrike (Su)

A ruby fist gains the red mage spellstrike class feature. However, a ruby fist can deliver spells with spellstrike with only unarmed strikes.

This ability alters spellstrike.

Unarmed Strike

A ruby fist gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. He deals unarmed strike damage as per a monk of his level. For the purpose of determining damage, these levels stack with levels from any other class that grants increased damage to unarmed strikes.

This ability replaces medium armor and shield proficiencies.

Ruby Arcana

A ruby fist gains access to the following arcana in addition to those normally available to the red mage. He cannot select any arcana more than once.

  • Break Spell (Ex): A ruby fist can disrupt spells targeted at him. When a ranged attack generated by a spell effect targets the ruby fist, he can spend a point from his arcane pool to attempt a melee attack roll as an attack of opportunity. If the result is greater than the total attack roll of the ranged attack, the attack is negated. Spell effects that do not require attack rolls cannot be deflected. Prerequisites: The ruby fist must be at least 13th level and have the shielding arm arcana before selecting this arcana.
  • Flurrying Arm (Ex): A ruby fist can attack faster. When making a full attack, the ruby fist can make one additional unarmed strike at his highest base attack bonus. Prerequisite: The ruby fist must be at least 12th level to select this arcana.
  • Shielding Arm (Ex): A ruby fist learns to deflect blows. If he is not wielding any other weapons, he gains a shield bonus to his AC equal to +1 per four red mage levels he has attained.

Spell Maneuvers (Su)

At 6th level, as long as a ruby fist is wearing light armor or no armor, he can use his unarmed spellstrike ability as part of a combat maneuver check to bull rush, disarm, sunder, or trip an opponent.

This ability replaces ruby talent gained at 6th level.

Empower Combat (Su)

At 7th level, a ruby fist learns to use magic to grant himself the power of a larger creature. As a standard action, he can expend MP to treat his size as if it were larger for the purposes of determining the size modifier to his CMB and CMD, as well as which creatures he can affect with combat maneuvers. For every MP he sacrifices, his effective size increases by one step, up to a maximum of Colossal. For every two effective size increments he increases, he gains a +2 size bonus to Strength, to a maximum of +6. This does not change the ruby fist’s actual size. This effect lasts for 1 minute per level of the MP sacrificed.

This ability replaces armored mage (medium) and armored mage (shield)

Reflexive Spell Maneuver (Ex)

At 16th level, when a ruby fist is the target of a combat maneuver check to bull rush, disarm, sunder, or trip, as an immediate action, he can target his attacker with a red mage spell with a range of touch. If the spell would normally require a touch attack, a ruby fist can attempt a combat maneuver check for this attack instead. The ruby fist must be wearing light armor or no armor to use reflexive spell maneuver.

This ability replaces counterstrike.