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Empty Vessel

By not filling her soul with all the spells of the monsters she has learned from, she is able to gain additional powers by being selective with what spells she uses. This is the way of the empty vessel, ever learning, selectively choosing.

The empty vessel is an archetype of the blue mage class, available only to genome blue mages.

Limit Break (Su)

At 1st level, the empty vessel receives the Limit Break (Unbridled Learning).

Unbridled Learning (Su): This Limit Break unlocks the potential power within the blue mage. For the duration of 1 round + 1 round per four blue mage levels after 1st, the blue mage can cast any spell she has learned, regardless of which spells have been fused. This does not grant any additional spell fusion bonuses. This limit break requires only a swift action.

This ability replaces Limit Break (Scan Master).

Creature Magic

At the beginning of every day, the empty vessel must select a number of spell levels worth of unique spells equal to three times her blue mage level + her Intelligence modifier. An empty vessel can only cast spells from the selected list until she has selected a new list of spells at the beginning of the next day. While she can select spells above her ability to cast, she still cannot cast these spells until her caster level is high enough. These selected spells are considered fused for the purpose of the spell fusions ability. An empty vessel always has access to her cantrips.

This ability modifies creature magic.

Spell Fusions (Su)

At 1st level, the empty vessel fuses her spell’s essence into her body, granting herself potent bonuses. Any bonuses to attack or damage only apply to attacks made with weapons, these bonuses do not apply to spells unless specifically noted otherwise.

If the empty vessel has a fused spell that has a spell level equal to the highest level spell she is capable of casting, she gains the benefit from the Highest Spell Level column equal to the level of that spell.

For every spell (not spell level) of the same school she has fused, this will grant her additional bonuses. If she qualifies for several bonuses at the same time, she gets all the bonuses for which she qualifies for. Any effect that asks for a save to negate the effect requires the target to make a check with DC = 10 + half her blue mage level + her Intelligence modifier.

Cantrips are not included in the spells she has fused and do not count towards any bonuses their school may have provided.

Spell SchoolHighest Spell Level3 or more Spells6 or more Spells9 or more Spells
DarkReduce concealment miss chance by 5% per spell level+2 shadow resistance per spell+1d6 shadow damage per 3 spellsShadow immunity
Elemental*Earth: 2 damage reduction per spell level
Ice: ignore difficult terrain and environmental effects.
Lightning: deal 1 lightning damage to attacker when hit per spell level
Fire: +1 damage per spell level
Water: 10 swim speed per spell level and water breathing
Wind: +5 move speed per spell level
+2 elemental resistance per spell+1d6 elemental damage per 3 spellsElemental immunity
EnfeeblingApply a -1 penalty to AC for 1 round per spell levelApply sickened on strike for 1 round per 3 spells (Fortitude save to negate)Also apply imperiled on strike for 1 round per 3 spells (Fortitude save to negate)Also apply slowed on strike for 1 round per 3 spells (Fortitude save to negate)
Enhancing+1 deflection bonus to AC per spell level+1 attack rolls per 3 spells+1 damage per 3 spellsBonus attack at highest BAB
HealingAll healing increased by 1 per spell level (this also affects spells)Heal herself for 1d6 health on successful strike per 3 spells+1 attack and +2 damage against undead per 3 spellsCure 1 negative status effect from herself on successful strike
LightCreate an aura of bright light of 10 feet per spell level+2 holy resistance per spell+1d6 holy damage per 3 spellsHoly Immunity
Non-ElementalIncrease max MP by 2 per spell level+1 bonus to 1 save of her choice per 3 spells (chosen at the start of the day)+1d4 non-elemental damage per 3 spellsRemove 1 beneficial status effect on successful strike (Will save to negate)
* each elemental type is tracked separately.

This ability replaces blue magery, analysis, and azure physical training.

Empty Vessel