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Some Amalj’aa are born with a powerful connection to the flame, and can channeling their primals will from it. These Flamecallers are guarded by a small mote of Ifrit’s Power.

The flamecaller is an archetype of the summoner class, available only to amalj’aa summoners.

Infernal Judgment

The flamecaller possesses a strong force of will and good judgement. Any summoner class feature or spell that refers to Charisma instead uses Intelligence.

Chosen of Ifrit (Ex)

At 1st level, the flamecaller must choose Ifrit as his avatar, with the following modifications: Ifrit itself does not receive the natural armor bonus granted from the summoner progression. Instead, it gains +1 to each save for every 2 points of natural armor lost via this feature. In addition, Ifrit can cast Fire from 1st level, using 1 MP of the summoner’s MP pool. It also gains points to its Strength and Intelligence equal to the summoner’s Strength and Intelligence bonuses, up to the summoner’s current level.

This ability modifies avatar.

Calling of the Flame (Ex)

Also at 1st level, the flamecaller adds all Fire element spells to his summoner spell list, and the flamecaller uses Intelligence for bonus spells and bonus MP.

This ability modifies spellcasting and replaces summon gear.