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Table: Freelancer Archetypes

Jack of All TradesA jack of all trades may have chosen a career path at one point in his life but has never settled into the position for further advancement. Although he was quick to master early basic skills, his need for variety overwhelmed his need for advancement. The jack of all trades is more interested in what he can learn next as opposed to becoming a master of a chosen profession. Ideally, he latches onto groups of adventurers picking up knowledge from the more skilled members of the party to compensate for his lack of rigorous training. A jack of all trades makes an excellent adventuring companion and is always eager to learn. His skills translate well into adventuring but are lacking when forced to choose a life of quite solitude. As such, a jack of all trades is the epitome of the phrase, “I’ll stopping adventuring when I die”.
MastermindA mastermind bonds with many companions rather than just one to prove his superiority, achieving a level of communication beyond expectations.
MonsterkinThis type of freelancer forgoes emulating other trades and focuses on emulating monsters instead.