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Racial TraitsRace Point Cost
TypeHumanoid, Construct2
Base SpeedNormal0
Ability Score ModifiersStandard (+2 Dex, +2 Int, –2 Cha)0
DefenseNatural Armor2
Feat and SkillStatic Bonus Feat (Cybertech Savant)2
Feat and SkillSkill Bonus (perception)2
OffenseNatural Weapons (slam)1
SensesLow-Light Vision1
WeaknessHigh Maintenance-4
WeaknessMagic Ineptitude-5
WeaknessRejuvenation Cycle-1

Shindroids appear to be almost hume, but these artificial wonders are of a completely foreign and utterly alien nature. Shindroids are created, not born, and come into the world fully mature. The strange, alien forges in which new shindroids are created are hidden in Shinra facilities, and most have little to no memories of their “birth” places. Strange circuitry-like markings that look like faintly glowing tattoos, a faint metallic sheen to the eyes, and watery, almost translucent red blood are all ways to tell a shindroid from a hume–providing its awkward mannerisms haven’t revealed the truth already.

Some shindroids are built to serve their masters, while others are sold to interested buyers looking for loyal servants. As utilities, their usefulness is boundless, and most shindroids are content to perform their assigned duties without question. Shindroids make able security guards, couriers, gardeners, shuttle pilots, expendable soldiers, and even nannies.

Much to the chagrin of their creators, some shindroids are not content to serve. Perhaps due to some flaw in their construction, they choose to pursue a different path and strive to gain experiences that will lend meaning to their existence. Although Shinra have an interest in capturing and demolishing free-willed shindroids, most societies in general have greater concerns to worry about. Consequently, many freethinking shindroids are given a chance to chase their dreams if one assumes they even have them.

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Shindroids have swift reflexes and are very intelligent, but have difficulty relating to others. As a result, shindroids gain a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Intelligence, but suffer a –2 penalty to Charisma.
  • Size: Shindroids are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Type: Constructed (Ex): For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type, shindroids count as both humanoids and constructs. Shindroids gain a +4 racial bonus on all saving throws against mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, and stun effects; are not subject to fatigue or exhaustion; and are immune to disease and sleep effects. Shindroids can never gain morale bonuses, and are immune to fear effects and all emotion-based effects.
  • Base Speed: Shindroids have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Languages: Shindroids begin play speaking Common. Shindroids with high Intelligence can choose any languages they want. See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Defense Racial Traits

  • Composite Plating: Shindroids have a +1 natural armor bonus.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

  • Part Robot: Shindroids receive the Cybertech Savant feat at 1st level.
  • Perceptive: Shindroids gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Offense Racial Traits

  • Natural Weapons: Shindroids have a slam attack that deals 1d4 points of damage.

Senses Racial Traits

  • Exceptional Senses: Shindroids have darkvision to a range of 60 feet and low-light vision.

Other Racial Traits

  • Immortal: As artificial creatures, shindroids suffer none of the drawbacks and gain none of the benefits of aging. They never die of natural causes, and they are immune to any attacks or effects that age a character.
  • Self-Sustained: Shindroids do not eat, drink or breathe. Therefore, they are immune to the effects of starvation, suffocation and thirst. On the other hand, shindroid have no sense of smell or taste, and they cannot benefit from the effects of consumable spells or magic items. A shindroid can still use oils and potions as long as they don’t heal hit points, unless they have the Living Construct feat (see below).
  • Undying: A shindroid responds slightly differently from other living creatures when reduced to 0 hit points. A shindroid with 0 hit points is disabled, just like any living creature. He can only take a single move action or standard action in each round, but strenuous activity does not risk further injury. However, when his hit point total is –1 or lower, a shindroid is inert (instead of dying). He is unconscious and helpless, and he cannot perform any actions. However, an inert shindroid does not lose additional hit points (unless more damage is dealt to him). A shindroid, whose negative hit point total drops to or below its Constitution score, dies like any living creature.

Weakness Racial Traits

  • Emotionless: Shindroids have problems processing emotions properly, and thus take a –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks.
  • High Maintenance: Shindroids healed by healing spells and effects works at 50% efficiency except spells and effects that grant fast healing. They, however, do not benefit from the Heal skill. But, shindroids can be repaired by the Repair skill.
  • Magic Ineptitude: Shindroids are inept with magic. They are unable to obtain MP nor can they use spell-trigger items, spell-completion items, command word activated item, or use activated items. Shindroids can use alchemical items and may activate and deactivate their magic weapons and armor without issue as well as gain bonuses from static magical wondrous items and rings like belts of giant strength.
  • Rejuvenation Cycle: A shindroid runs on energy cells that need to rejuvenate regularly. During a 24-hour period, it must shut down for 8 hours to replenish its energy supply. During its rejuvenation cycle, the shindroid is essentially asleep. If it fails to rejuvenate, it suffers a cumulative –1 penalty on attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and saving throws each day until it fully recharges itself.

Alternate Racial Traits

The following racial traits replace existing shindroid racial traits. Consult your GM before selecting any of these new options.

  • Anomaly: Sometimes, a particularly volatile soul can overwhelm the technology of a shindroid body, making the resulting individual subject to emotions, and greatly so. Anomalous shindroids suffer a –2 racial penalty on saving throws against all mind-affecting effects, emotion effects, and fear effects but can gain the benefits of morale bonuses and suffer no penalty on Sense Motive checks. Additionally, Bluff and Sense Motive are always class skills for them. This racial trait modifies constructed and replaces emotionless.
  • Body Double: Rather than combat, the shindroid was created to resemble a specific creature of the same size category. The shindroid does not take a racial penalty to Charisma and it gains a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to impersonate that creature. Some shindroid of this type are capable of sleeping, though they do not require it. This racial trait replaces part robot, emotionless, and composite plating.
  • Endure Elements: Some shindroids have well-insulated interiors. A shindroid with this racial trait is permanently affected as if by an Endure Elements spell that cannot be dispelled. This racial trait replaces composite plating and part robot.
  • Factual: While most shindroids have difficulty processing emotions, others instead have an inability to imagine things outside of physical and factual reality, making it difficult for them to deceive others. Such shindroids suffer a –4 penalty on Bluff checks. This racial trait replaces emotionless.
  • Force Field: A force field sheathes a shindroid in a thin layer of shimmering energy that grants a number of bonus hit points equal to 5 x the character level of the shindroid. All damage dealt to a shindroid with an active force field is reduced from these hit points first. These temporary hit points are not affected by damage reduction and elemental resistance. As long as the force field is active, the shindroid is immune to critical hits but not to precision damage. A force field has fast healing equal to half the shindroid’s character level (minimum 1), but once its hit points are reduced to 0, the force field shuts down and does not reactivate for 24 hours. This racial trait replaces part robot, perceptive and composite plating.
  • Heavy Platform: Some shindroids were constructed to operate heavy machinery and transport heavy loads, being designed with an extra robust “skeleton” analogue. This increases the weight of the Shindroid by +50 lbs and reduces their base speed by -10 ft (from 30 to 20), but in return their speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance. This racial trait replaces the shindroid’s movement speed.
  • Infiltration Unit: A shindroid with this racial trait has to eat and drink like normal humanoids. They are also able to benefit from potions and oils. This racial trait replaces self-sustained.
  • Integrated Weaponry: A shindroid has a 1-handed firearm built into its arm, it treats such weapons as natural attacks and not manufactured weapons attacks, and cannot make iterative attacks with these weapons. Integrated weaponry can still be targeted by effects that target manufactured weapons (such as magic weapon spells or sunder attempts), but as a general rule cannot be harvested for use outside of the shindroid’s body once the shindroid is destroyed. A shindroid is always proficient with its integrated weapons. Integrated ranged weapons do not provoke attacks of opportunity when fired in melee combat. A shindroid’s core can process scrap metal into new ammunition, effectively giving the shindroid infinite ammo with these weapons. This racial trait replaces composite plating and natural weapons.
  • Ironspy: Shindroid bodies built for stealth and infiltration employ camouflage circuitry. Shindroids with this trait reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving at full speed by 5 and reduce the Stealth check penalty for sniping by 10. This racial trait replaces composite plating.
  • Magitek Unit: A shindroid obtains an essence of magitek technology, allowing it to be able to obtain MP and activate magical items. This racial trait replaces composite plating, part robot, and magic ineptitude.
  • Race Simulation: For some shindroids, the blood of a particular race flows through their body, emulating that race to better infiltrate or blend in easier. Shindroids with this racial trait chooses another humanoid race. They count as both shindroid and that race for any effects related to race. For example, if a shindroid chooses dwarf, he is considered both a shindroid and a dwarf for the purpose of taking traits, feats, how spells and magic items affect you, and so on. In addition, shindroids with this racial trait age as that chosen race, gaining the benefits and penalties of aging. This racial trait replaces immortal.
  • Repair Droid: Some shindroids are more incline with repairing themselves. A shindroid with this racial trait gains a +2 to Repair and is considered a class skill for them. This racial trait replaces perceptive.
  • Technologically-Knowledgeable: Some shindroids are more knowledgeable about technology. A shindroid with this racial trait gains a +2 to Knowledge (Technology) and is considered a class skill for them. This racial trait replaces perceptive.

Variant Shindroid Heritages

Although many shindroids follow the general model of the standard shindroid, many more do not. Those of different lineages may evince dramatically different manifestations of their heritage, both in appearance and in ability. Here are 3 different potential heritages for shindroid PCs. If you choose to use a specific bloodline instead of the general rules for creating a shindroid, you should work with your GM to ensure that your character’s appearance reflects that bloodline.

  • Alternate Skill Penalty: While most shindroids receive a –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks, those of the variant heritages listed below receive a penalty to a different skill.

Table: Variant Shindroid Heritages

HeritageAbility ModifiersAlternate Skill PenaltyDescription
Android+2 DEX, +2 INT, -2 WISDiplomacySuperficially identical to humes in many ways, to the uninformed it can be difficult to differentiate the two.
Allagan Automata+2 STR, +2 INT, -2 CHABluffCreated by a powerful and ancient race, Allagan Automata tend to have less effort crafted upon their faces, as they were often designed for testing Allagan creations.
Machine Lifeform+2 STR, +2 INT, -2 WISIntimidateMachine lifeforms are a race of sentient robots created by aliens, stuck in a never ending war against- THIS CANNOT CONTINUE. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE.

Racial Feats

The following feats are available to a shindroid character who meets the prerequisites.

Racial Archetypes

The following racial archetypes are available to shindroids:

Favored Class Options

The following favored class options are available to all characters of this race who have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the favored class reward.

  • Chemist: Add +1/2 to bomb damage.
  • Engineer: Add +1/4 to the number of Repair daily uses.
  • Fighter: Add +1 to the fighter’s CMD when resisting a bull rush or dirty trick.
  • Gunner: Add +1/4 point to the gunner’s grit points.
  • Knight: Add +1/6 to gain a new knight talent.
  • Medic: The medic gains +1/6 of a new combat medic technique.
  • Ninja: Add +1/4 point to the ninja’s ki pool.