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Neutral Evil god of death and sickness.

While plenty of the pantheon are suited to healing and protecting their creations, Hades’ aim is much different in the fact that he spread sickness, decay and death to any plane he has control over. With a direct domain over the underworld, or where souls go to when they are particularly evil without proper entrance into their preferred planes on death, Hades can both kill a creature and continue to torment it within hell. This sickness and death helps to turn the cycle of life on any planet, and is sometimes seen as a necessary evil by the other gods.

Hades is often seen as a huge skeletal man, wearing black robes and mixing several ingredients within a large cauldron. He takes on several colors, of either a sickly-yellow skeleton, or cloaked entirely in darkness. In rare occurrences he may hide his visage under his cloak to go onto the material plane to push his influence on to intelligent beings, to spread disease to places he could not normally reach.

Being a god of death and sickness, worshiping Hades is often thought as taboo or illegal, with those who do follow him spreading disease wherever they go.

Titles: The Pantheon’s Disease, Lord of Hell, Satan.
Home Plane: Outer – Underworld
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Allied Deities: Cerberus, Nald’thal the Trader.
Portfolio: Corrupt Souls, Death, Decay, Disease, Illness, Sickness.
Domains: Artifice, Death, Evil, Repose.
Favored Weapon: Scythe