Going forward, I’m going to updating the website much more often (possibly once a month to once every 3 months). My workload has been piling up, this update has taken 10+ hours to finish.


  • Dracobaltian (New Base Race): New base race. (Based on FF Type-0)
  • Guado (Base Race): Detect Undead changed to constant. Moderate Fleetness changed to +5 foot speed, and to swim if they have a swim speed.
  • Hypello (Base Race): Added Poroggo as an alternate racial heritage.
  • Immortal (Base Race): Added Ancients (from FF3) as a Variant Heritage.
  • MIthra (Core Race): Deleted the Thundercat Heritages.
  • Pupu (Base Race): Added Hiso (from FFXV) as a Variant Heritage.
  • Ronso (Base Race): Added Revgaji (from FF12 snd FFT) as a Variant Heritage.
  • Seto Lion (New Base Race): New Base race. (Based on FF7)
  • Shindroid (Base Race): Body Double edited to read/work like the PF trait. Removed Force Field as an alternate racial trait. Added Force Field racial feat. Added Omicron (from FFXIV) as a Variant Heritage.
  • Tarutaru (Core Race): Increased tarutaru’s age range. Added Pelupelu (from FFX and FFXIV) as a Variant Heritage.


  • Astrologian (Base Class): Added Boisterous Healing as a mage talent. Made changes to Starlight Agility astrology secret.
  • Dark Emperor (Prestige Class): Made a lot of changes and added a bunch of talents. <- suggested by
  • Dark Knight (Base Class): Darkside now takes a free action to activate (up from a swift action). Spell resistance component removed from Darkside. Darkside rules text reworded for clarity. Added Darkside level upgrades text to class table for clarity. Updated the Dark Mind abyssal art to grant Spell Resistance equal to 10 + dark knight level against spells or spell-like abilities from his enemies. Dark Pool and Abyssal Arts are moved to 3rd level, added dark knight talents at 2nd. Soul Eater now activatable as a free action, once per round.
  • Disciple of the Land (New NPC Class): Added a new NPC Class: Disciple of the Land (based on FFXIV).
  • Dragoon (Core Class): Dragoon talents text changed from 3rd person to 2nd person perspective. Dragon’s Breath (3rd) now allows the dragoon to choose an element upon usage (was previously tied to one element he selects upon gaining the class feature). Many dragoon talents were changed. Deadly Lancer’s (1st) dive attack extra damage dice cap changed to be based off of total Deadly Lancer damage, not just altitude differences. Added Irresistable Advance and Flanking Force dragoon talents.
  • Engineer (Base Class): Changed Support Droids into “basically” familiars.
  • Holy Knight (Base Class): Was renamed to Paladin. Hopefully I got most of the holy knight references renamed. All archetypes and spells should be fixed.
  • Knight (Core Class): Had its “A Knight’s Protection” LB grant elemental resistance instead of spell resistance.
  • Monk (Core Class): Class reworked, please see the class page as there are too many changes to list here. Added Archetype Class Feature Replacements table.
  • Necromancer (Base Class): Bolster now lasts a minute per necromancer level. Added Unmending Spirit as a necromancy talent. Added Undead Health and Undead Fortitude as necromancy talents. Moved Undead Fortitude and Undead Health to Advanced Necromancy Talents.
  • Paladin (Base Class): Holy Pool and Divine Arts are moved to 3rd level, added paladin talents at 2nd.
  • Psychic (Base Class): Is now a base class. Thinkmodes: Added a Will save to Ego Whip and Mind Thrust to reduced the damage to 1 on a successful save. Telepathy: Clarified if a psychic already has telepathy, this ability adds to the range. Added Supreme Telepathic Reach as a psychic talent.
  • Red Mage (Core Class): Added Ruby Talents, moved those in Arcana that don’t require arcane pool to ruby talents. Moved Improved Spell Combat to 7th from 8th, Moved 1 MP Spell to 19th from 18th, removed Minor Quick Learner, Moderate Quick Learner, and Major Quick Learner (added back in as talents), changed Convert to 10 hp per 1 mp, added a talent to change it back. All archetypes updated.
  • Soldier (Prestige Class): Elemental Ward tree changed to immediate action. Mako Leap now notes it is the next check before their next turn. Scintilla now parries any non-20 roll. One-handed style is now a swift action for both Buster and Grunt. – Suggestions by


Non-FF Archetypes: Are moved to their own table in the same archetype webpage with a reference column to indicate what they were inspired from. Some (like FF4O, Lunar. or SquareEnix-adjacent stuff) were not.
Archetypes: Added a Prerequisites column to all archetype tables.
Racial Archetypes: I have removed many racial restrictions from many archetypes.

  • Aggressor (New Knight archetype):The aggressor uses fear to demoralize and antagonize foes, twisting victims into doing what he wants. Terrible and terrifying, the aggressor spreads fear like a plague.
  • Assimilator (New Shindroid Psychic archetype): The assimilator adapts others into their Collective through the process of “assimilation”. Forcibly transforming individual beings into “drones” by injecting nanoprobes into their bodies and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The assimilator’s ultimate goal is “achieving perfection”.
  • Auramancer (New Scholar archetype): Auramancers emit powerful auras to heal or deal damage instead of dealing with light arts/dark arts.
  • Blackfrost Sentinel (New Dark Knight archetype): Some dark knights realize that within the darkness, a bitter cold resides. Embracing this chilling truth, they ascend to become Blackfrost Sentinels, warriors who wield the icy powers within the abyss to freeze their enemies into submission. With each step, they walk the frost-laden path, their hearts as cold as the winter winds, and their resolve unyielding as the frozen tundra.
  • Bone Breaker (Black Belt archetype): Added a few abilities.
  • Bone Dancer (Necromancer archetype): Changed the Bone Minions from what they were into “basically” familiars.
  • Clockwork Mage (New Time Mage archetype): Though most would look upon the flow of time and see naught but chaos. Some few, however, are able to divine the pattern behind it. Using clockwork machinery they are able to manipulate this pattern to their benefit.
  • Culnarian (Chemist archetype): Deleted archetype.
  • Domineer (New Psychic archetype): The domineer dominates the minds of creatures with his mere gaze.
  • Elemental Savant (New Psychic archetype): Elemental savants love working with and creating elements. It is their main motivation in most things they do. They have learned that by channeling psychic energy, they can create the beautiful elements they love so much, and they revel in the experience.
  • Fayth Dreamer (New Summoner archetype): Many summoners can communicate with any one fayth to establish a mental link with them, enabling them to then summon the fayth’s aeon. These summoners are called Fayth Dreamers.
  • Fist of Rhalgr (Monk Archetype): Released. Heavily inspired by the Monk job in FFXIV, this archetype utilizes a new type of combo system as part of its core kit.
  • Fleshcrafter (New Necromancer archetype): Fleshcrafters are necromancers who prefer the company of hideous monstrosities crafted from body parts stitched together with thick string, wire, and metal staples instead of skeletons.
  • Frightful Rager (Berserker archetype): Added a Will save to Dreadful Gaze and Master of Intimidation class features.
  • Holy Knight (New Paladin archetype): Baptized in the divine light of the Church, the Holy Knight smites foes with powerful Holy Sword techniques.
  • Homunculus Builder (New Chemist archetype): Obsessed with discovering the origins of life, promethean alchemists build constructs they gradually endow with life.
  • Mist Rabbit (Berserker Archetype): Updated to work with the jump rules from the reworked dragoon. Martial Arts (new; 1st) replaces Rage Forms (1st). Deadly Jumper (new; 2nd) replaces a Rage Power gained at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th levels. Super Jump (new) replaces Uncanny Dodge (2nd). Uncanny Dodge replaces Improved Uncanny Dodge (5th).
  • Monstrous Shifter (Blue Mage archetype): Shifter’s Bane bonus changed to morale instead of untype.
  • Occult Detective (New Necromancer archetype): Not all those with talent for the darkest of arts use it to pursue mastery over life, death, and unlife. There are those who use it to aid both the living and dead find justice for those who met an early end.
  • Paladin (Cleric archetype): Was renamed to Crusader.
  • Pyromancer (Black Mage Archetype): Fiery Weapons Limit Break removed. Increased Fire Damage text now states “replaces” and not “modifies”. – Suggestions by
  • Rune Fencer (Fencer Archetype): Had its “Elemental Sforzo” LB change to 1 elemental, rather than all.
  • Shadow Mage (New Necromancer archetype): Instead of summoning a skeleton, these necromancers summon the shadows of their fallen victims to do their bidding.
  • Shaman (White Mage archetype): Made some changes to Healing Aura and Renewal talents.
  • Shinra Infantry (New Gunner archetype): Shinra Infantry are Shinra’s non-mako infused military/police force. Although not having as much of a reputation as SOLDIERs, the shinra infantry makes up the majority of Shinra’s military force, and is deployed far more often than SOLDIER. The shinra infantry keeps peace in Midgar, is deployed to handle events of public unrest and guards and operates many Shinra-owned facilities
  • Slayer (New Beastmaster archetype): A hero tracking down a monster terrorizing a village. An assassin tasked with killing a powerful nobleman. An elite soldier dispatched across a battlefield to slay the enemy’s general. All of these warriors need to quickly locate and eliminate their targets. Enter the slayer, elite trackers that hone their skills to bring down their prey.
  • Talekeeper (New Galka Warrior archetype): Most Galka do not remember their previous lives, however there are those who not only remember their own, but the previous lives of all Galka. These chosen few are known as Talekeepers, the spiritual leaders of their kind.
  • Technomancer (Engineer archetype): Now casts time mage spells instead of black mage spells. Removed the now useless Repair Magic class feature.


  • Druid spells: Renamed Negate Aroma to Deodorize. 4th-level spell Bloody Claws renamed to Bleeding Claws.
  • Necromancer spells: Added Unmend, Unmend II, Unmend III, Greater Unmend, Unmend IV, and Greater Unmend II. Added Raise Undead (6th) and Grave Knight (9th). Added Dead Silence (1st) and Greater Dead Silence (3rd). Added Blizzard-line spells, Freeze I & II, and Polar Ray to their list of spells. Added Undead Voice (0th-level/cantrip).
  • Paladin spells: Added Mass Knight’s Calling (3rd). Added Holy Favor (basically Divine Favor from PF). (1st)
  • Red Mage spells: Added Deodorize (1st).
  • Summoner spells: Added Rift of Ruin (8th).
  • Time Mage spells: Added Hostile Juxtaposition and Reassemble (6th). Added Phase Door, and Walk Through Space (7th). Added Greater Hostile Juxtaposition, Greater Reassemble, Rebuild, and Rift of Ruin (8th). Added Superb Counter Magic (9th).Added Unlock (2nd) and Mass Unlock (6th).
  • White Mage spells: Added Deodorize (1st). Added Holy Favor (basically Divine Favor from PF). (1st)


  • Bahamut’s Legs (Regional Trait): Bonus reduced from +4 to +2.
  • Campaign Traits: Added Emissary of the Feymarch, Immortal Veteran, and Magicite Infusion.
  • Class Feats: Added Extra Dark Knight Talent and Extra Paladin Talent as class feats. Added Extra Ruby Talent. Added Divine Metamagics as a class feat.
  • Combat Traits: Added King’s Shield and Soldier Weapon Training.
  • General Feats: Added Dash (Based of FF Dash/Sprint from various of FF games).
  • Magic Traits: Added Observant Activator and Observant Spellcraft.
  • Race Traits: Added Almost Hume (Al Bhed).
  • Racial Feats: Added Force Field as a racial feat for Shindroid.
  • Selective Spell (Metamagic Feat): Removed Spellcraft 10 rank requirement.


  • Enhancement (Optional System): Added Psychic enhancement tree.
  • Revengeance Limits (Optional System): Changed to now require a full gauge to activate any type of Limit Break, rather than 50% for swift/moves.
  • Variant Multiclassing (Optional System): Added Psychic.
  • Racial Traits: Added to side-panel.
  • Chocobo Mounts (Goods and Services): Added to side-panel.