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A mysterious team with unknown origin and scary efficiency. They appeared one day with the goal to become the new Blitz Bowl Champions. There were a few protests but the shadowy-faced silent mages blasted those nay sayers away and so its mysterious stranger became official contestants.

Table: Allstar 9

Qty.TitleCost (gil)MASTAGAVSkillsSkillsets
0-16Genome Linemen6,0006337Right StuffPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-4Burmercian Blitzer8,0007348Block, DodgePrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-2Burmercian Thrower7,0007357Pass, DodgePrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Burmercian Catcher7,0006347Catch, Right StuffPrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Qu Battle Chef12,0006439Always Hungry, Disturbing Presence, Foul Presence, Monstrous Mouth, Projectile Vomit, Throw TeammatePrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-8 Re-rolls: 6,000 gil each