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Players are able to earn Star Player points (SPPs) in league matches. Star Player points are earned for scoring touchdowns, making complete passes, making interceptions, killing or injuring opposing players, and for earning ‘Most Valuable Player’ awards.

Once a player has earned enough Star Player points, he becomes entitled to an improvement and may roll on the ‘Improvement table’ or purchase a select skill (cost varies depending on a player’s attunement to certain skillsets). Players who survive long enough will progress to become legendary players, with special characteristics and skills that they have picked up over the course of their long career on the Blitz Bowl pitch.

The team roster includes boxes so coaches can keep track of the number of Star Player points their players earn during a match. Each time a player does something that earns him any Star Player points his coach should put a tick in the appropriate box on the roster for each point they have earned. At the end of the match count up the number of new ticks for each player, and upgrade their total score of Star Player points accordingly.


Star Player points are earned for performing the following actions:

  • Completions (COMP): A player who makes an accurate pass that is caught by a receiver from his own team in the targeted square of the pass when the ball comes to rest earns 1 Star Player point. This is called a completion.
  • Touchdowns (TD): A player who scores a touchdown earns 3 Star Player points.
  • Interceptions (INT): If a player successfully makes an Interception of the ball after making an Interception roll then they earn 2 Star Player points.
  • Casualties (CAS): If a player causes an opposing player to be removed as a Casualty then they earn 2 Star Player points. The points are only earned if the player blocks an opponent or is blocked by an opponent himself. Casualties inflicted in any other way (including injuries inflicted by the crowd or from attacks with chainsaws, bombs, or the Stab skill) do not count for Star Player points.
  • Most Valuable Player (MVP): At the end of the match, each coach nominates three players from their team and rolls a D3 to choose one at random to be awarded a Most Valuable Player award at the end of the match. A Most Valuable Player award earns the player 5 Star Player points. IMPORTANT: A team that concedes a match must give its MVP to the opposing team (i.e., the winning coach gets two MVPs and the losing coach gets none).


Per Passing Completion


Per Casualty

2 SPPs

Per Interception

2 SPPs

Per Touchdown

3 SPPs

Per Most Valuable Player award

5 SPPs