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A team scores a touchdown during their turn when one of their players is standing in the opposing team’s End Zone while holding the ball at the end of any of your players’ Actions. As soon as this happens, play stops, the crowd cheers and whistles and cheerleaders dance about waving pom-poms. The coach of the scoring team has our permission to leap about and cheer a bit too, while moving the score marker one space along the scoring track on the Playing Pitch.

Any player may enter either End Zone at any time, even if they are not carrying the ball. If the ball is thrown to them and they catch it, or they are able to pick up the ball while in their opponent’s End Zone, they score a touchdown. Note, however, that in order to score a touchdown the player must end his Action standing in the End Zone; if the player failed to make a Dodge roll, for example, and thus was Knocked Down in the End Zone then he would not score a touchdown.

If a player from the moving team has the ball and enters the opposing team’s End Zone, then they may not voluntarily leave it for any reason during the same action nor may they hand-off or pass the ball – they are far too intent on scoring the touchdown themselves!


In some rare cases, a team will score a touchdown in the opponent’s turn. For example, a player holding the ball could be pushed into the End Zone by a block. If one of your players is holding the ball in the opposing team’s End Zone at any point during your opponent’s turn then your team scores a touchdown immediately, but must move their Turn marker one space along the Turn track to represent the extra time the players spend celebrating this unusual method of scoring!


After a touchdown has been scored, and at the start of the second half, play is restarted and the match continues. Before the kick-off, however, each coach should roll one D6 for each KO’d player on his team. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 the player is fit enough to return to play, but on any other result they must stay in the KO’d box in the Dugout.

Both coaches may then set up any fit players just as they did at the start of the game. When play is restarted after a touchdown, the scoring team is always the one to kick off. At the start of the second half, the kicking team is the one that did not kick off at the start of the first half.

In the rare event that one team has no players to set up after KO’d rolls, both teams’ turn markers are moved forward along the turn track two spaces and if one team could field at least one player then that team is awarded a touchdown (however no player receives Star Player points for this.) If this takes the number of turns to 8 or more for both teams, then the half ends. If there are still turns left in the half, then continue playing as if a drive has just ended (i.e. clear the pitch and roll for KO’d players).


You may choose to concede a match at the start of one of your own turns, before moving the Turn marker along the track.