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A mastermind bonds with many companions rather than just one to prove his superiority, achieving a level of communication beyond expectations.

The mastermind is an archetype of the freelancer class.

Companion Handler

A mastermind is able to purchase companions (animal companions, automaton, avatars, bone commanders, etc.) beyond the limitations of freelancer. At 1st level, the mastermind may be able to purchase up to two companions (same or different) and this increases by 1 for every four freelancer levels after 1st. However, any companions bought increase by 3/4ths instead of the standard full level, but they cost half the JP to buy and maintain. In addition, any class features that specifically target companions cost half as well, but all other class features cost double JP.

At 5th level, the mastermind gains an empathic link with all of his companions. This functions like an empathic link with an animal companion. In addition, as a swift action the mastermind can shift his perception to one of his companions, allowing him to experience what it sees, hears, and so on. He can maintain this connection as long as he likes (as long as the companion is within 1 mile) and end it as a free action. The mastermind can only use this ability on one companion at a time, and cannot see, hear, or smell with his own body while maintaining this connection.

This ability modifies freelancer-bought abilities.