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An all-around team of mithras. Legendaries in their own right, these cats lead the field and off it, unscathed.

Table: Thundercats[table id=1025 /]

Qty.TitleCost (gil)MASTAGAVSkillsSkillsets
0-16Panthro Linemen6,0006338SprintPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-4Pumyra Blitzer9,0007338Block, SprintPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-2Tygra Thrower7,0006347Pass, SprintPrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Jagaran Catcher7,0007347Catch, SprintPrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-2Cheetaran Runner10,0008347Sure Feet, SprintPrimary (A/P), Secondary (G/S)
0-4Liono Blocker12,0006439Fend, SprintPrimary (G/S), Secondary (A/P)
0-8 Re-rolls: 6,000 gil each