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Archetypes (Bard)

Table: Bard Archetypes

AbhorsenSome musicians hear only the melodies of life, but others are attuned to the tones heard at death’s door. These individuals, perhaps shunned or looked upon suspiciously by the living for their unsettling presence, have an affinity for the notes and tunes which reach across the borders of this world and into the next. The bell is their symbol, their tool, and their weapon, and Abhorsen is their title among those who know their duty to lay the dead to rest in a turbulent world.
Agent of InquiryWhether on the trail of a fugitive, a long-lost treasure trove, or a criminal mastermind, agents of inquiry are motivated by an intense curiosity about the world and use knowledge of it as a weapon Observing the world around them, they gain valuable knowledge about the situation they’re in, process that information using inspiration and deduction, and cut to the quick of the matter in unexpected ways.
Dragon HeraldDragon heralds are messengers and evangelists of true dragonkind. They carry the word of their dragon patrons far and wide, whether that’s a message of peace or a declaration of war. Available only to gria bards.
DragonkinLegends tell of a hero known as the Dragonkin, a warrior with the body of a mortal and soul of a dragon, whose destiny it is to destroy evil dragons. Dragonkins can naturally learn and speak the ancient and powerful tongue of the Dov, called the Thu’um. This language allows for their shouts to have powerful effects and provide the dragonkin with a variety of abilities.
GuitaristA guitarist is a bard who focuses mainly on a singular instrument, a guitar. He focuses the power of sound through his guitar to create sonic vibrations to hurt and hinder his foes.
JugglerJugglers are masters of manipulating objects, most famously by keeping multiple objects in the air simultaneously. They often incorporate this talent into acting, comedy, or dance. Adventuring jugglers find their abilities translate well into the use of thrown weapons.
PranksterThe prankster sees humor as the highest form or art, and pranks as the highest form of humor. In addition to setting friends up for light-hearted pranks, the prankster can use his quick wit and cruel sense of humor to enrage foes before incapacitating them with a clever turn of phrase. Available only to moogle bards.
PrincessWhether from a privileged upbringing or social elevation through worthy deeds, nobility is a station to which many aspire. To some princesses (or princes), their mantle is one of responsibility and the duties of governance. To others, the privileges of rank are rewards to flaunt and lavish upon themselves, without consideration of the commoners, peasants, and other underlings who exist wholly beneath their notice.
SkaldThe skald is a long line of warrior-poets, storytellers, and heroes. They bring the lore of past wars, ancient monsters, and forgotten kings wherever they go. They can compose poetry, and recite ancient epics to inspire their comrades, as well as allow themselves to become a conduit of pure emotion. Their study of ancient rhymes isn’t focused and rigid, but fluid, and ever changing. They focus as much on the emotion that poems inspire as much as the poems themselves.
SongstressA songstress who wishes to further explore the magic and power of Althena’s Song often further focus their training so that they can become dramaturges. Despite the female-focused name, the archetype is not female only. The male version is known as Songster.
WatersingerThe watersinger’s song reaches from the depths of her soul into the elemental waters from which life first sprang. Her voice commands water, bending and shaping it to her desire. Available only to lamia bards.