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Time Mage Spells

Table: 0-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
AmanuensisCopy nonmagical text.
DazeA single humanoid creature with 4 HD or less loses its next action.
Detect MagicDetects all spells and magic items within 60 ft.
GrabAble to grab an unattended object up to 5 pounds from 15 feet away.
MendingMakes minor repairs on an object.
MessageWhisper conversation at distance.
MomentCan act in a surprise round.
Read MagicRead magical scrolls.
TimerSounds an audible alarm after a set time, up to 2 hours per caster level.
TorchlightObject shines like a torch.

Table: 1st-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Anticipate PerilTarget gains a bonus on one initiative check.
AwaitingPrepare and plan before you need to act.
Crafter's KnowledgeTarget gains a +5 insight bonus on its next Craft skill check.
DecelerationTarget’s speed is halved.
Delayed OpponentTarget acts a little slower than normal.
Mage ArmorGives subject +4 armor bonus.
Memory LapseSubject forgets events back to last turn.
Precognition, DefensiveSubject gains +1 insight bonus to AC and saving throws.
Precognition, OffensiveSubject gains +1 insight bonus on your attack rolls.
Precognition, TacticalSubject gains +2 insight bonus on a chosen combat maneuver.
Prescience, OffensiveSubject gains +2 insight bonus on your damage rolls.
Omen of PerilYou know how dangerous the future will be.
ShieldInvisible disc gives +4 to AC, negates an amount of ruin damage.
Skillful MomentTake 20 on a chosen skill check.
Sluggish MovementCreatures of 5 HD or less within 20 ft. slowed for 1 round.
True StrikeAdd +20 insight bonus to your next attack roll.

Table: 2nd-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Accelerate PoisonHastens targeted poison’s onset.
Celerity, LesserTake a move action immediately, but be dazed for a round.
Clockwork TimerCaster delays another spell.
Contingent ActionPrepare a readied action.
Delay DiseaseRavages of disease staved off for a day.
Delay PoisonStops poison from harming target for 1 hour/level.
Delay ResponseTarget is forced to delay their action.
Dimension HopYou, touched objects, and your familiar or companion teleport to any spot within close range.
False FutureTarget is shown a false future and is reposition 5 ft.
Future's BoonOn any d20 roll, roll two dice and takes the better result.
Gentle ReposePreserves one corpse.
Make WholeRepairs an object.
Masterwork TransformationMake a normal item into a masterwork one.
Recall AgonyFoe takes 4d6 points of non-elemental damage.
Slow MagicAs dispel, but only suppresses magic.
Switch FateSteal the initiative score of an opponent.
Time ShudderNearby creatures are affected by haste or slow each round.

Table: 3rd-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Aging TouchTouch attack that deals 1 point of strength, dexterity, and constitution damage.
Alter FortuneCause one creature to reroll any die roll.
BlinkYou randomly vanish and reappear for 1 round/level.
Deceleration, MassAs deceleration, but all creatures within range.
Delay Poison, CommunalAs delay poison, but you may divide the duration among creatures touched.
Dimension StepAllies can immediately teleport a distance equal to their speed.
DispelCancels one magical spell or effect.
FlySubject gains a flying speed of 20 feet.
HasteSubject becomes hasted.
Shelter Outside of TimeAll creatures and objects within a 5 ft. square are instantly transferred to a temporary extradimensional space in which time does not pass.
SlowTarget is inflicted with Slow status.
Wind Back the KeyRestores an item to its original, undamaged state.

Table: 4th-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Age Resistance, LesserIgnore penalties from middle age.
Baleful BlinkSubject has 50% chance of failure on attacks and spells.
CelerityTake a standard action immediately, but be dazed for a round.
CorrodeItems disintegrate under the stress of centuries.
DazeraAs daze, but all within 30 feet.
Delay DeathLosing hit points doesn’t kill subject.
Dimension DoorTeleports you a short distance.
Make Whole, GreaterRepairs 1d6 +1 points per caster level on a construct (maximum 10d6+10) and can fix destroyed magic items or technological items (items at 0 hit points or fewer),
QuintessenceLiquid time, coating something in this renders a subject immobile and immune to time.
Reality RiftSubject is cast outside of time and space for 1 round/level.
SendingDelivers short message anywhere, instantly.
ShieldraAs shield except it affects up to 5 creatures that grants an invisible disc that gives +4 to AC, negates an amount of ruin, ruinra, and ruinga damage.
Symbol of SlowingTriggered rune slows creatures.
Temporal JoltUnstable time deals 1d6/two caster levels damage and destroys non-magical items.
Time ShieldSpells are consumed at double the normal rate in the area around you.
Time to ActYou may make a single skill check in the same round you cast the spell.

Table: 5th-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Anticipatory StrikeTurn your next turn right now, even interrupting other actions.
Bend Space and TimeInstantly transports you as far as 100 miles per level.
Blink, GreaterControlled blinking between the Material Planes grants defenses for 1 round/level.
Contingent Spell ImmunityProtect against a specific spell once / 5 levels.
Dimension ShuffleTeleport multiple creatures short distances within line of sight.
FlightCaster gains a flying speed of 40 feet.
GravityTarget loses half of current hit points.
Miasma of EntropyRot all natural materials in 30-ft. cone-shaped burst.
Past’s FacadeReturn a body to a previous more youthful state
PermanencyMakes certain spells permanent.
Second ChanceCaster can reroll one attack roll, saving throw, ability check, or skill check.
TelekinesisMoves object, attacks creature, or hurls object or creature.
Temporal ReiterationOngoing effects on you do not progress in duration for one round.
Temporal RepairDispels time affecting spells in the area around you.
Threefold AspectAppear older or younger.

Table: 6th-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
24 HoursReceive a full day of restful healing.
Age ResistanceIgnore penalties from old age.
Antimagic FieldNegates magic within 10 ft.
ContingencySets trigger conditions for another spell.
Dispel, GreaterAs dispel, but with multiple targets.
Elude TimePuts you in temporary suspended animation.
HastegaAs haste, but all allies within 30 feet.
Recall Agony, MassAs recall agony, but deals 8d6 non-elemental damage to all creatures within range.
SlowgaAs slow, but all enemies within 30 feet.
Temporal AccelerationYour time frame accelerates for 1 round.
Temporal DisjunctionTarget creature is permanently lagged in time.
Time to PauseAs time to act, but take 10 on the check.

Table: 7th-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Age Resistance, GreaterIgnore penalties from venerable age.
Bend Space and Time, GreaterAs bend space and time, but no range limit and no off-target arrival.
Deja VuCreature experiences lasts round’s actions all over again.
Fate of OneReroll any roll you just failed.
GravigaAs gravity, but all within 30 feet.
Plane ShiftAs many as eight subjects travel to another plane.
ReverseAll healing effects are reversed.
Slow SkinDelays the damage attacks deal you.
StopTarget is inflicted with Stop status.
Teleport ObjectAs bend space and time, but affects a touched object.
Time SpellsurgeReduce the casting time of your chronomancy spells.
Time Stop, LesserAs time stop, but only free to act for 1 round.

Table: 8th-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Celerity, GreaterTake a full-round action immediately, but be dazed for a round.
Dimensional LockTeleportation and interplanar travel blocked for 1 day/level.
HindsightYou see into the past.
Moment of PrescienceYou gain +1/level insight bonus on single attack roll, check, or save.
Reality Rift, MassAs reality rift, but all creatures within range.
Recall DeathSubject dies or takes 5d6 damage.
Temporal StasisPuts subject into suspended animation.
Time to Act, GreaterAs time to act, but take 20 on the check.
WitheringEveryone within the area of effect is aged 5d4 years.

Table: 9th-Level Time Mage Spells

Spell NameDescription
Foresight"Sixth Sense" warns of impending danger.
GravijaAs graviga, but affects one creature per two levels (max of 10) within 50 feet.
HastejaAs hastega, but grants an enhanced version of haste.
Paradox MazeYou distort the nature of time, granting all creatures two rounds worth actions per round.
Reality Rift, GreaterAs reality rift, except creature disappears permanently on a failed save.
SlowjaAs slowga, but affects an enhanced version of slow.
Spellbane Prevent 1 spell per 5 levels from working in a 10-foot emanation.
StopgaAs stop, but all creatures within range.
Temporal AbstractionConcentrate 5 rounds of time into a single round.
Timeless BodyIgnore all harmful and helpful effects for 1 round.
Time RegressionRelive the last round.
Time StopYou act freely for 1d4 + 1 rounds.
Time WalkAs bend space and time, but to a different time period.

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